Year of Projects: Week 7

Ambitious goals for a woman with the attention span of a squirrel.

A FINISH, FINALLY!! My Chaos Cables is COMPLETE. I know I’m yelling. It’s pretty exciting stuff. We’ve had some unseasonably chilly weather, so I’ve been wearing it inside to keep me toasty. Spouse joked that it looks like a knit straight jacket if I pull it down over my arms… He isn’t wrong. I took some pictures this past Thursday, at 10pm. After I finish a few more items, Chaos Cables (v. 2.0) is on! This would make a WICKED warm skirt (I pulled it down to skirt length but it was too big at the top).

Not a glamorous shot, but proof of finishing!

Since I married two projects together AFTER they were added to the list, I’m going to consider this finish projects 8 AND 9. I make the rules!

Cute, Fight! Round Yoke sweater.

I’m 12″ of 18-20″ of the body. The sleeves may be abbreviated, don’t think I have enough. I tend to run too hot in long sleeve sweaters, so this isn’t a bad thing. The sleeves will also be a tad on the fitted size with a loose body. This was a “wing it” project. Oh, and I have to rip out the provisional cast-on and do a neck. 2×2 rib, likely.

Also on the list: 4 X-mas stockings for a friend. I finished the body of the first one, sans fold-over monogrammed top. I started the second yesterday. Only to discover this afternoon that I actually cast on 10 stitches more than the first one. I had to rip the whole thing back. Ugh. With a bulky yarn, on size 10 needles, it was too noticable to keep.

Guess my heel and toe were off because I thought I had more stitches than I did. Whoops.

OH! I’m doing an informal attempt at the Minimalist/30 day de-clutter challenge. My spouse is thrilled, because he doesn’t like clutter. Also, getting rid of things we don’t need/want/use around the house brings him joy. I started in my TEENY TINY bathroom. No pictures, because bathroom trash isn’t something that needs to be on the internet. Day 1: tinted sunblock sample that I don’t really like.
Day 2: consolidated 2 partially used bottles of conditioner. chucked a deodorant that I’ve been complaining about for months.
Day 3: the last little bit of a perfume sample. the last little bit of a “primerizer” sample, the last little bit of a hair mask that I wasn’t impressed with.
Day 4: 5 pair of practically brand new underwear that never fit right. Its like they just made the size XS as wide as the L/XL but never adjusted the rise. Oh and they SHRUNK horribly when washed the first time. No one wants underwear that doesn’t cover their butt crack.


11 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 7”

    • My Chaos Cables cowl is keeping me extra warm RIGHT NOW. True to my “minimum effort maximum effect” mantra, the cabling is super easy!
      The sweater I’m working on, I started last October. Its DK, but it seems to be taking an eternity. I just want to wear it already!

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  1. I am laughing thinking of the underwear. I can buy the same size, same brand and they always fit differently. There needs to be underwear standards!

    Your cowl is lovely. It would make a darling skirt too. Love the Christmas sock too. Lots of goodies can be put in there. The sweater us so pretty. I really like the colors in it.

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    • Honestly, this latest underwear debacle is making me want to sew my own underwear. That way, I can have complete control over the rise, the leg opening, how wide the crotch is. I own very few pairs that are JUST RIGHT.

      Thank you for all the nice compliments! I’m really excited about everything I have on the needles right now.


  2. I agree, you make the rules 🙂 Well done on your de-cluttering. I meant to join in but think I will leave it until January to do, but hearing you talk about samples and products you don’t like I think I have half a cupboard full of those – hopeless.

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    • I’ve been rather ruthless lately about samples. I thought I had used/chucked most of them, but the other day I found a cosmetic bag PACKED FULL. It never ends.
      Our house isn’t tiny, but we don’t have much storage space. So excess QUICKLY turns into clutter.

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