Year of Projects: Week 12

Half at the Quarter. Or a Quarter at the Quarter, if you count it all.

Boy howdy! I’ve been doing YOP updates for 12 weeks already! A quarter of a year. I’m a couple weeks shifted from other bloggers, which is advantageous. I already read many of the quarter year updates about a month ago. I’m going to do a little round-up before I get to my most current projects.

I have 11 completed items, with a goal of 20 tasks, out of a list of approximately 40 lines that I came up with back in August. I’ve added 1 item. Below are some finished line items.

I’m feeling pretty good about my progress. My current project, Cardi B, is part of my destash goal, and one of my two stash-made sweaters! I started on it about a week ago, and already I’m into the body.

Cardi B, left side.

I’m already planning a second (at some undefined point in the future) in a non-discontinued yarn (Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool)! There is a small possibility of this sweater becoming a free pattern in a Large/XL. Mostly because the yarn is unavailable, not because the design is lacking. I like designing as I work, because I can make changes in real time. Pocket? Cabled rib? Fold-over placket? Shawl collar? I have no idea!! Don’t worry, I’m still writing/formatting as I go. Just in case I decide to release this into the world.

Oh. Look. A pile of masks ready to sew.

Even though I finished my initial mask sewing goals from August, I am still making masks. I’m not QUITE out of fabric or elastic- YET. I have made close to 200 masks for personal, family, and donation since March/April. This is just an approximate guess, I haven’t tallied them up.
I have 35 mask finished (last week) awaiting local delivery (this week). And 19 more that I cut out this morning. I like how fast I can work the basic rectangular ones, I can sew on auto-pilot and listen to my audiobook dejour. I’m most excited that I’ve used almost ALL of my quilting stash. I will have leftover fabric to create a few more once I make my kids new (longer) PJ pants. By the end of 2021, it is completely realistic that I will have most of my stash fabric (including apparel and home decor) worked. At the very least, I’ll be able to store it all in one (large) plastic storage drawer.

Enjoying a pleasant fall day (from Saturday).

I still don’t have an actual crochet project! There is nothing that I’ve been inspired to make. I guess this is just one of those natural dips in my “cro-jo”. I have a blanket that I SHOULD finish (its a YOP WIP). I’m not in love with it, which makes it hard to dedicate the energy to finish it. I could realistically finish it in 2 weeks (less than 15-20 hours). I even have a friend that I can send it to once I finish it.

I hope to have an update on time next week. The week got away from me. I had an awful head cold on Thursday/Friday and my kids had a 3 day weekend (end of the semester teacher work day today). I honestly lost track of what day of the week it was! Hope that my sweater is done by then, or at least I have added a crochet project to the mix!


10 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 12”

    • Thank you! I’ve already started thinking about buttons.

      Our schools do a lot of community outreach. As a citizen, I feel it’s my duty to support these efforts. Even if my contributions are small. Strong education, thriving families, better society.


  1. Well the good news is that technically next week (your week 13) will be the quarter year, then 26 week 1/2 year and 39 week is 3/4. So what you’ve achieved in 12 weeks is fantastic. It’s hard to work on a project you don’t love. I have a brioche project I keep meaning to go back to but my brain just doesn’t have the capacity for learning brioche cables this year. I hope you’re feeling better now.

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    • I’m feeling almost 100%! Thank you.

      If I just finish up the blanket, it’ll be 12 skeins used from stash and it’ll almost put me at my 2020 destash goal! I think you just got me to talk myself into working on that blanket!

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  2. Highly interested in you Cardi B sweater pattern!! Love the cable along the raglan sleeve. I haven’t knit a cardigan yet although I have several in my favorites. I’m so impressed at how many projects you are able to get done. I am definitely a “putter”. Glad to see you are feeling better.

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