Year of Projects: Week 14

Back on Skull Crusher Mountain

This week I’m back on my usual machine. I had my iPad last week, but the keyboard case decided it wasn’t going to work and my son was using it for school from 8:40-2:00 daily. Which means I will RESPOND to the other YOP posts instead of just reading them. Yippie!

Today I decided to wear my pjs all day, with my jeans. No make-up. No filter selfie. Weird lighting.

I am still plugging away on Cardi B. I have decided against the pockets. Mainly because this cardigan will likely fall to high hip as opposed to lower hip making pocket placement weird to actually use. I didn’t work on it every day last week, so I’ve only just started the sleeve. Without actually getting up to measure my sleeve, I guesstimate that I have 8.5″ worked out of the possible 17″. I want the sleeves a bit on the oversized side until the cuff. So I’ll just keep the 80 stitches (I did reduce the underarm cast-on) until I reach 13 inches, sharp reduction to 40 or 60 stitches, then rib for 4″.

Progress hits about to my elbow.

One of my YOP goals overlaps with a Stashdown Challenge: use 100 balls of stash yarn. I have some arbitrary rules, but if I use almost a whole ball of stash yarn in a hat, but have 30 yards of “scrap” I still count the ball as used. The scrap yardage goes into my scrap bin, where it can potentially be counted as part of another used quantity. I’ve decided 4oz of scrap gets counted as a ball. This weekend, I decided to try a new craft with my kids. I broke out my pom-pom makers! The nice clover ones that stay together really well. My son wrapped 1 and decided he didn’t want to make anymore. My daughter and I made 14 pom-poms yesterday, using 8.1 oz of yarn. Today we completed 25 and used up 13.8 oz of yarn. Brining our destash total to 5 for pom-poms, and 77 for the year. Its going to be a tight finish. But I REALLY think I can pull this one off! Only 23 more balls of stash yarn to go!


10 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 14”

  1. Loving your pom poms!! What a great idea. Love your destash idea. I just need to stick to not buying more yarn but that’s not likely to happen. This was a great year to not buy yarn since I didn’t get out much but still ended up buying yarn. Your Cardi B is so pretty.

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    • I definitely have purchased less yarn than usual. And much of what I have purchased has been project specific and used.
      Honestly, I cannot wait to finish up that cardigan, SO I CAN WEAR IT. Shucks…. I haven’t even THOUGHT about buttons.

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  2. Oh my goodness, what a cutie your daughter is posing with ALL those pompoms! I like your thinking on what constitutes a finished ball of yarn – I also struggle with thinking I have to use it ALL up. I am going to use your method in the future as I try to hit my de-stash amount by December 31st.


  3. I count my yarn usage like you do. And all my last yards of skeins go into a scrap bag that will someday be turned into something fun. Your daughter is a cutie – both making the pom poms and posing with them. 🙂 Some gorgeous poms there, too!

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