Year of Projects: Week 21/22

Witty Words Here.

Way to start off the month by not writing an update last weekend! No worries though, because there wasn’t anything that exciting going on.

The biggest piece of news is I FINALLY released Chaos Cables!! Its available on Ravelry and Etsy! If you purchase through Ravelry and use the code CHAOS2021 through January 20, 2021, you can get the pattern half-price! Thank you, Hannah over at Quiet Water Craft, for all your assistance in getting this pattern release ready!


In non-creative self-care: I finally went to the foot specialist to find out why my feet were so incredibly inflamed and why they were getting worse, despite my complete ignoring of the problem. I apparently have plantar fasciitis really bad. I got a cortisone shot in each foot, and it’s made a world of difference! I’ve been taking a lot of walks, and I’m virtually pain free. It’s not all the shot, the shot simply reduced the inflammation enough that the stretches are actually helpful in keeping things limber instead of making it worse. Who knew going to the Dr would be more helpful than ignoring the issue and pushing through the intense daily pain. Now I can take all the walks, pain free.

Me, on all the winter walks!! (Feat. the Merry Unbirthday Hat coming out later this week)

I’ve been chronicling my January Photo Challenge, #YarniaPix2021, on Instagram since the first of the month. It’s really inspired me to wear my knits and crochet projects! I’ve listed the pattern, designer, yarn and colorway where applicable there too.
I tend to wear the same hat/cowl/old fuzzy fingerless mitts to most of my outdoor workouts, so I don’t really bother retaking those pictures, I just wear something else that day too! In case you don’t use Instagram, I’ve made a gallery of most of what has been posted 1-16 of this month. I feel good that I’ve been sticking to it. I want to do it again next year, maybe you’ll join me! I’ve fallen in love with my finished items all over again!

Yes, I too notice that most of my projects are in a VERY specific color pallette! Purple IS my favorite color!!! And also yes, I gave myself a hair cut the other day. I was so annoyed with ALL the dead ends that I am now rocking a basic bob once again- the only cut I can manage with any degree of success.

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22 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 21/22”

    • Thank you! The January Photo Challenges always appeal to me, but I wanted to pick something that would be realistic for me!
      The hat has been in progress for 6 months! This week I want to make a series of videos to post to YouTube to walk people through some of the steps. I have them all written out, but I know it’s helpful to have a video with expanded explanations available too!

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  1. I need to know how you cut the back of your hair, I could do with chopping the back of mine as I keep leaning on it at night and then moving my head and pulling my own hair. It’s officially too long. Good luck with your pattern sales. You have some gorgeous accessories you’ve been wearing this month. Purple is my favourite colour too.

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    • My hair is VERY fine. If it was thick, it would be impossible. I’ve been cutting my own hair, on and off for about 20 years.
      Freshly washed, combed hair is what I try to start with. First, O straight cut all the way around, then I tilt my head in a dozen different directions and even it up with mirror tricks.. I got lazy the other day and stopped at “good enough”. My stylist thinks I’m INSANE to even attempt it, but is always impressed that disaster hasn’t befallen me yet!
      I have some nape clean up to do. But I’ll have my spouse get out the clippers and to that trimming for me- I can manage hair shears, but blind clipping with an electric razor is where I draw the line!

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    • I feel so fortunate to have so many warm options for chilly weather. I have a HUGE pile of barely worn scarves that are in perfect condition. I plan on washing them up and donating them locally. There is always someone who could use a bit of beauty in their life to keep them warm.


  2. Wow! You have accomplished so much! I love your new pattern and all your knitted items are fantastic. I don’t get on IG much so thank you for your photo gallery here. You have been very busy! I’m so glad you solved your foot problem. I’ve heard that can be very painful…..I hope that is the end of it and you are all better!


  3. Ah…the many moods of Cinna-Knits! I love your hair. You have many beautiful knits! I am happy to hear you are feeling better. It is very important to address the pain before you can really begin to heal and recover. That is the hardest phase because it often requires us to be patient and inactive for a spell, while the injury heals. I hope you have continued health.

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    • I find it impossible to be inactive (unless I’m running a fever), and patience is NOT something I excel in! I have been walking instead of running, which is what I’m itching to do! So I guess that’s how in not rushing in and reinjuring myself!

      Thanks for the compliments! I’m really enjoying sharing a lot of very old projects (pre-blog, pre-Instagram, some pre-Ravelry).

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  4. Congrats on that haircut! I tried DIY myself and well … who knew hair can stand up in so many different directions. LOL. I hate to take selfies but sorting through photos and finding some of older makes really does make me dig them out and wear them again.

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  5. I am glad the cortisone shots helped. I had plantar fasciitis very bad in 2012-2013 and it was debilatating. Now I am pain free party from losing weight I think and also some kick-ass orthotics. I love your idea of wearing different knits every day. I have so many in my cedar chest that don’t get any love. I always wear the same hat and mitts. I think I will take a page from your book – stay tuned – you might see me modelling on instagram in the near future too!

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    • That would be amazing, to see your makes!
      My orthotics get picked up next week. I’m hoping with my uptick in pain free activity, my weight will go back to where it was when I started having issues! I hope I’m on the way to being able to manage it long term!!


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