Year of Projects: Week 25

A week of HATS.

I continued the hat momentum this week. I only finished 2, but on the 1st I started a fingering weight project using my Love Lines Advent Yarn Box from AT Haynes House Yarns. I am at an impasse with the needles, I’m working on it with the DPNs but circulars would be better with the loose stitches.

I have 3 accessory patterns to put out (possibly by the end of the month if I get busy). Two are super-easy knit hats (they are so similar that I may combine them), which I just need to verify the dimensions of the largest size. The other is a fun, easy asymmetrical crochet shawl for 3 weights, where I need to figure out the finished sizes for the DK and Worsted version. Oh, and make a video pattern recording; I’m extra.

This brings my total of Stash Yarn used for the year to 13/100. Not counting unfinished projects.

Hopefully next week will have some progress on my YOP list. Many of the line items I haven’t even started on, and were project ideas that have been put on the back burner because of new and exciting stuff I want to do. Or maybe I’ll just re-write my and say “to heck with old ideas, BRING ON THE NEW STUFF”.


25 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 25”

    • My long-term destash goal is to have less than 100 balls of “inactive” yarn at any given time. But honestly, I have NO idea what I actually have. I still haven’t given up buying yarn, but this year I have 3 months of “cold-sheep” planned. Including this month.

      My crochet shawl is going SO FAST. I am pretty sure I’ll get some time with it while the kids are engaged with virtual learning this week!


  1. I love your patterns! What talent you have to create your own patterns. I’m lucky if I can follow patterns much less invent any. I like the names for them too. I don’t keep track of stash but I guess I should but where do I start? Maybe putting it all in Ravelry first? This would be the perfect time to make hats for next Christmas! Have a great week!

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    • Thank you! My friends have been telling me for 15+ years that I should release my designs, but I was always afraid of failure. I’m so glad I decided last year to start distributing my creations. Thankfully, I have SO MANY ideas in my head, I’ll never run out. My perfectionist nature causes me to agonize over formatting, which is a great thing for the end user!

      I just mostly keep track of my stash in my head. I feel like I SHOULD track it in Ravelry, but get overwhelmed by the thought of doing it.

      Its ALWAYS a good time to work on some hats! And insofar as stash busting is concerned, they may be my favorite thing to make to get rid of one-off and partial balls.


  2. Wow. Congratulations on writing and putting out patterns. I can’t even imagine! I’m not quite that creative. While I can modify a pattern, I can’t create one from scratch. Congrats on your continued stash busting.

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    • Thank you! For as long as I can remember, I’ve had the drive to create the projects/art/music I see in my head. It wasn’t until I started knitting that I found a medium that I could actually make that happen.

      I think this year COULD be the year that I fit my stash into a SINGLE area, instead of strewn all over the house in various little pockets!

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  3. You’ve used 13 skeins since the start of 2021 or the start of your YOP year? I’m impressed either way. It must be exciting releasing patterns into the world for others to enjoy, I wish you success with your old or new plans…either way I’m sure it’ll be great.

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    • Yeah, 13 skeins since January 1st. Right now the only creating I’m doing is with yarn, I haven’t been spinning or sewing lately.

      Thank you! Releasing patterns is surreal. Sometimes I get really big “imposter” feelings, but then a release does better than expected!

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  4. You are making such a great list of new patterns and designs. Well done. Remember our Yop lists are just a starting point – lol – I always add to the list as I go, and transfer unmet yops to the next year as needed. It is a very fluid list.

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    • I think a lot of my sidebar creating falls into the “stash-busting” category! Being creative in a slow process way is sometimes very frustrating! I have all these ideas, but my hands only work so fast.


  5. Yay for something new and I love your pattern names! (Acute Shawl, LOL!) I wonder if any YOPer has ever stuck to their original list? That seems unthinkable when new ideas and new possibilities present themselves all the time. Good luck getting the patterns out.

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    • Thanks! Pattern naming can be the hardest part, I want to call them things like: Asymmetric Triangle V-Stitch Shawl or Cable and Garter Flanked Scarf.

      I love making lists! I am looking forward to refreshing mine in the coming weeks. The one I’m working on is becoming quite messy looking with all the crossing out of finished tasks!


    • Thanks for the confidence! I hope next week I have happy updates!

      My stash yarn has been something that has taken center stage for chipping away at. It is overflowing all the spaces alloted, and I want to get it wrangled ASAP! I have so many pretty yarns that it’s a shame to have them languishing in a closet just waiting to be created with.


    • Thanks! It’s rather time consuming. There have been projects that have taken longer to format the pattern than to actually make the pattern! I tell myself that it’s a learning process and the more I do it, the more proficient I will become at it!


  6. Oh my, I love the look of the Acute Shawl. It would make a dynamic prayer shawl for my church group. Let me know when the pattern is available. Your hats are nice too. Too bad we don’t get a lot of cold hat weather here. I like those hats.

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    • That would be a great project! I’m working up a DK version, that is SIGNIFICANTLY faster to stitch than the fingering weight I did first. As soon as that’s done, its onto the worsted version!


  7. I’m joining you on the hat making binge. I have a few for co-workers and some of my friends, some who have been waiting for years (shame … LOL) and I’m using stash too. Yes to stashing down while making good things!

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    • Nice!! I started “guerrilla gifting” my friends more frequently in 2020, with assistance from USPS.

      All my red hats grew out of a watching of The Life Aquatic, they are so Zissou-esque! (Red, Simple, and yet, slightly absurd). I have the largest And a toddler size to post for father and son matching hats. 🤣

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