What’s Today?

Yesterday. When I wore my Magic Sea Captain Watch Cap.

This week has been feeling chaotic! Our schedule has been thrown up in the air; a holiday here in the USA, a new learning model with school, a snow day! I woke up thinking today was Monday. It took me a minute to realize it’s Friday!!

Plugging away at “Right Round”

I managed to finally post my Magic Sea Captain Watch Cap pattern this week! I worked on my “Right Round” scarf, my Advent Box pattern development project! I’m just less than half way done. Up next, I’m going to do two color cowl version of the pattern!

My boy child came up with an alternate extinction theory yesterday.

After playing in the snow for a little bit yesterday, I was finally able to get my sewing machine out! It’s been in hiding since December. Again, I was working on masks. Somehow, my daughter has managed to misplace the majority of hers? I sewed her 4 new ones, in a “big kid” size with adjustable ear loops (bringing her total up to 10 or 12). I made my spouse 2 new masks, and replaced the elastic on two other masks. Nothing special, but necessary. I even got them all washed and dried, so they are ready to go today! (No pictures, sorry)

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3 responses to “What’s Today?”

  1. I would blame the missing masks on a hungry school locker, but I doubt your daughter is using hers. We are not using lockers at our school. If you make the masks too cute, her friends might be ‘borrowing’ them! Your son is on to something…

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    • She has a habit of leaving her masks in coat and jacket pockets, in the car, EVERYWHERE but in the designated spots (mesh bag for worn, hanging pocket foot clean/unworn).
      We frequently “bring a mask, just in case”, so it’s almost exclusively clean masks.

      We opted to keep our kids virtual until spring, when we’ll reassess local numbers (which looks promising!)

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