Just Perfect

That was sarcasm. And today (and the week) was fine, otherwise.

Not today. But from the other day when I showered AND wore make-up AND blow-dryed my hair. But its practically the same because I am wearing the same hoodie again.

You see, last week a friend of mine mentioned a need her and her family had. It was something I could help with. I was all, “Say no more, I’ve got you”. Then today, when I needed it most, the dryer stopped working. PERFECT.

You see, what I was helping my friend with was in the dryer. It needed to be dried. I had every intention of meeting her at an outdoor community market today. I said I would be there. I TEXTED her to let her know I would be there at 4. I just needed the dryer to finish up, iron the items, then put them in a box to deliver to her. I had to bail. Because the dryer broke.*****

Now, 2 hours later, the dryer has been fixed. Everything has finished drying. We’ve made and eaten dinner as a family. I still have to get out the iron. But now its too late to bring her the stuff today. The market is wrapped up and I’m not 100% certain I have her current number. I feel flaky and disappointed that I couldn’t be true to my word.

We are so fortunate that my spouse is able to fix “stuff”. This is the 3rd or 4th time he’s made a minor repair to the dryer since we moved in 8 years ago. It was a $3 part and once he was home, it was a 5 minute fix. Including putting the dryer back together. Honestly, I think he’s magic.

***** You may ask why I waited so long to get the items together. I started this weekend and make reasonable progress. Then yesterday, I ran out of one little, but necessary item to finish, then needed to make a trip to the craft store for some elastic so I could finish up. In true Cinna fashion, I made the scope of the project larger than it needed to be, and therefore took more time than anticipated.

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Enthusiastic teacher. Voracious fiber artist. Perpetual creator.

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