Too Many Tasks

Having my kids back in school 2 days a week is a great mental break for me. I have these great machinations that I’m going to do ALL THE THINGS and be SOOOOOO productive. Spoiler: I cannot squeeze 10 hours of tasks into the 8:15-10:50 time slot.

Took a moment to snap a selfie, even though there was work to be done.

I got a quarter of my tasks accomplished this morning. Then it was time to go get the littlest (he is in the AM program). While he was playing with his dinos, I put away 2 loads of kids laundry and then cleaned most of the previous size stuff out of their closets. This resulted in 2 large kitchen trash bags of stuff. I wish I had done this last week, I could have sent my mom home with a SECOND bag of boys clothes for her neighbors (instead of one)! I thought I had a final bag of hand-me-downs in the attic for my daughter, but when I checked today, there were none! This is good, because the bitty miss has IDEAS about her personal fashion these days.

I just threw it over my legs to snap a quick FO pic. Its laying skewed.

One of my tasks DID involve something non-chores related. I finished the edging on the Justine- Summer Colors thrown this morning! I have to weave in the ends, but all the crochet is done. Now to focus on the BSJ, I’m on row 8.

BSJ beginnings. SO MANY ROWS TO GO.

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2 thoughts on “Too Many Tasks

  1. I have some friends who didn’t know what to do with themselves when their kids finally went back into school. Even a few hours of free time became overwhelming and they wanted to do all the things and the time went lightning fast lol

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