Year of Projects: Week 37

Some things are complete!

I can unveil my baby gifts for my bestie, her shower was yesterday. It was great to see her and share a wonderful day outside.

For the Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman, I made the smallest, the 134 c/o, with a large gauge (I think I had 4.75 stitches/in on a size 8/5mm). I used all but 3 yards of the 300y skein of Magpie Fibers Solstice DK in Strange Brew. I machine washed cold (on delicate/handwash) the bitty sweater, but the superwash got stretchy (because it’s of the nature of superwash). So I popped it in the dryer to dry. It was PERFECT. Soft, smooshy, the stitches plumped up nicely, and it didn’t shrink. Easy care luxury.

For the record, if anyone asks the maximum amount of stitches you can cram onto a 10″ straight needle, the answer should be less than 194. The last dozen or so rows, I had to switch to my 14″ needles. It was becoming more annoying to try and manage on the short needles. Q: Why didn’t I just use a circular? A: I had the straights at my desk when I was ready to cast-on and didn’t feel like going to get different needles.

There are too many stitches on the needle.

The Hedgehog was the Purls Soho pattern. It is free. And pretty easy. I modified it to hold aran weight double for the body on size 5. Do not do this. My fingers ached. I held the yarn triple for the fuzzy top, to strands of fun fur and a strand of the worsted from the body. I didn’t want any stuffing to come through. No worries, the fabric is practically watertight (hyperbolic statement).

I’m not going to lie, I CACKLED with glee when I finished sewing on this little face.

This week I also finished my Sweet Summer Justine blanket. Before my spouse cut the grass, I was able to get some pictures of recent FOs. Getting pattern pictures can be a challenge sometimes. Time, scenery, weather, lighting, and availability all factor in. Here are some photos from my lawn photo shoot. I can definitely use a few of them with a little bit of editing and reframing.


15 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 37”

  1. Thanks for the link to the hedgehog. My grand daughter has been wanting one for a while now. The baby jacket is precious. Baby clothes are so fun to make. I think your photo shoot was pretty darn good. Love the pink flowers throughout the lawn. Adds interest.

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    • Those are the last of the cherry blossoms this season! We had a rainy windy day previously which blew the blossoms into the grass, the lawn looked both green and speckled. If we ever sell our house, it’ll be listed during the cherry blossoms; they are so beautiful for a couple weeks.


    • She did! I would have made her a blanket too, but her mom knit 2, another friend crocheted her one, and I think she’s most of the way through crocheting one as well. But I am making a clutch of bitty hats for baby’s actual arrival.


  2. Glad to see I am not the only one that likes to knit the surprise sweaters. I made one for myself, but I think I have now made 4 or 5 for babies! Love the colour you chose. And that hedgehog is so darn cute!

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  3. Your friend’s face is wonderful as she’s opening your gift. The sweater is sweet as can be, and the hedgehog is adorable. What lovely gifts. And your pictures on the lawn are all great. I love all your pretty creations, and the carpet of green with petals on it it is a lovely background.

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  4. You chose some great ideas to make your friend and they all look great. I’m a sucker for a soft toy so of course love the hedgehog. My friends are also too old to be parents now and too young to be grandparents, so enjoy making those tiny human outfits while you can. 😀

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