Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: Project Pouch

Even if I’m not blogging about it, I’m always working on SOMETHING creative. A new spin on a recipe, a weird eyeshadow color combination, some kind of knit/crochet/sewing endeavor.

My kids were in school yesterday, and I got the desire to SEW. I have my own laundry to wash/dry/put away, kids clothes to put away and the table linens too. But none of that mattered yesterday morning because I needed to SEW. I didn’t take pictures of the process, because I was just focused on creating. I also didn’t use a pattern, or an iron, or a ruler. All things considered, still a success. You may be wondering what I made. A project bag! It has been too long since I stitched one up. Excuse the curses. I swear a lot in person.

Some information about the fabrics: The outside fabric is the stuff that didn’t work for my placemats because it attracted all the lint in the wash. I used a lint roller to remove the unattractive fuzz; glad I don’t have to do that once a week. It was given to me by someone in my Friday night knit group about 10 years ago. Its a decor weight canvas, thick, heavy, sturdy. The cat fabric, is also the liner. I’ve had this since about 2003. You see, it was a Christmas gift from my friend Ashley. It has been a cherished part of my fabric stash for 18 years (I have about a fat quarter sized piece left). I finally found a project I wanted to use it for.

I’ve never sewed a bag quite like this, and all my other project bags are just quilting cotton with no interface. This was quite the departure to live dangerously for.

I just eyeballed my fabrics for size and squareness. No ironing. Then I started sewing. I forgot I wanted to put two loops so I could use it as a walk bag. At least I remembered to sew on the pocket before I closed it up. The pocket is just a piece of fabric folded in half. In retrospect, I would have made the pocket with interfacing between the layers or a piece of quilting cotton and a piece of canvas. A thicker pocket would support pins better I think. The pocket was added exclusively for the pins, btw. I have a similar bag from AT Haynes House Yarns, and I LOVE it. Its the bag I use for walking with knits. However, I wanted to put cheeky pins on my project bag, and want to keep pin backs away from my projects; I’ve been using the top loop for pins, but the yarn still gets tangled around it.

After I sewed most of it up, I remembered I wanted to add top loops. Out came the seam ripper. I added a grosgrain ribbon and a piece of binding I had floating around my sewing bag. I eyeballed their placement and secured with some topstitching. The drawstring was leftover from a cinchable chicken egg collecting apron I made for my brother-in-law a few Christmases ago.

I also had intended on squaring the bottom… but forgot how until the MOMENT I finished putting my sewing machine away. Next week I might rip out the bottom inside seam and fix it. Or I might not.

There you have it! Another Shoddy Seamstress Adventure from Cinna at Miscellaneous Design Studio!


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