A Year of Projects: Week 49

This is how we do it.

My YOP year is winding down to a close! This week I FINALLY crossed another item off my list.

Acute Action! (circa Spring 2021)

I am pleased to announce the release of the Acute Shawl on Ravelry! This simple crochet shawl is written in US/American terms, has instructions for 3 weights (fingering, DK, worsted), and is suitable to crocheters of all skill level.

Until We Win: Fight is entering testing! I’m super excited about this. I am still accepting new testers: please let me know if your interested. This shawl is suitable for intermediate knitters. Just an FYI: I’ll also be knitting this again during the test phase. I am envisioning a scrap version at this time!

Partially completed.

With my 2020/2021 YOP year wrapping up, I’ve started making a new sticker for my 2021/2022 YOP. Here are my two current favorite ideas. I still have a few weeks to tweak it. I’ve also made myself a YOP 2021/2022 open framework list for my next YOP (I’ll unveil it on week 1)

Here are some boring socks I started in early July and have really picked up in the last week and a half. I have 7 rounds and a bind-off left. Theoretically, I can finish them tonight (Monday). They count as stash busting, btw.

That’s all, folks!


8 responses to “A Year of Projects: Week 49”

  1. I love the yarn you’ve used on your new pattern (the one you are wearing), very pretty and those colours suit you. I wish you success with the pattern release. I’m intrigued to see what you’ll have on your new year list, so look forward to that. 🙂

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  2. Socks are never boring – not to look at anyway! Love the colours in yours. The acute shawl looks lovely – well done on getting it out. And the fight shawl looks great, I’m sure you will get the testers you need soon 😀

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