Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: Oh Look. More Masks.

A “small” batch of masks waiting to go to their new homes.

We are back to school in our county! We are about a week into the new school year, and all seems well-ish. COVID is still an issue, particularly with those who are unvaccinated, so this means: masks! I made my kids some new ones and pencil pouches recently, so these recent onces are destined for other recipients.

It all started when my neighbors texted me and asked if they could commission some masks for their grandson, just starting school for the first time.
Then I was talking to a friend of mine, who mentioned her great-grandson (who she is raising) starts with Head Start this week. And I immediately asked her if she wanted me to make him some reusable masks for school, you know, since I was already going to have my machine out. I made some adult sized ones for her too. She is ALWAYS out helping the community, bringing some of the extra produce from the Hungry Harvest market to people in need, volunteering at community gardens, and being a genuine source of light and hope to everyone she encounters. Ms. Linda is such an amazing person, and everyone who knows her is so fortunate.

You would THINK I would be a super pro at making these masks, having made SO many of them (a hundred of this style, at least). Alas. It is still slow going. Nothing is perfectly lined up. Or perfectly symmetrical. Guess I’ll just keep practicing, and then when I get better, change my sewing features to Mediocre Seamstress Adventures!


6 responses to “Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: Oh Look. More Masks.”

    • They are small and unforgiving! However, they have improved my overall sewing skills in a way PJ pants never could.
      I’m already dreaming of the day that I can take the masks, cut them apart, and make a “memory quilt” out of them. Because I don’t really want to just fill a landfill with more fabric waste.

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  1. I know how this goes!! I’ve made 10 lace masks, 8 for a wedding in May and then two more this month, and every time I was like… wait, what happens now? Which part lines up where? Right sides together? For such a small project they really do take a long time!

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