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  • Whirlwinds

    I’ve eluded to a tough summer. It was bad. I lost one of my best friends since college in July. My Dad’s cancers were deemed terminal in early August and he entered hospice. At the end of September, he passed. I’ve been back and forth to Florida 4 times since early August; its about 950 […]

  • NYE Cast-On Party.

    It’s the new year now, about 6:30am local time. I’m writing this from my phone, and the warm comfort of bed. Seize the moment, and all. The whole family stayed up until midnight, even the kids (6 & 7.5). We have been watching all the Marvel movies (in release order), last night we watched Shaung-Chi […]

  • Holy Chaos, Batman!!

    FINALLY!! I have released CHAOS into the world. Kidding. Kinda. Chaos Cables is now available for purchase on Ravelry! Now through 1/20/2021 you can get 50% off with the code CHAOS2021. After talking about if for months, I am so excited to finally be able to share this project with everyone! I have 3 cowl […]

  • The Past

    An Ode to Nostalgia A friend, from my first job out of college, sent me these pictures last week. She was going through her “old” knitting stuff and found this gem. The pattern is for a hat, knit flat then seamed up the back. It was a gift for her father. I have so many […]