I may be one of the few people who feels OVER-SOCIALIZED right now. Quarantine with little kids is intense, they are always where you are and pretty loudly too. 24/7, we are together. I love them. I truly do. But I miss being ALONE. Time when I lift heavy things, or sweat until I’m lobster red. Time when I drink over priced corporate coffee. Time when I don’t have to talk, or listen, or DO anything. Time when I don’t have to be “on”. I’m so fortunate to have a spouse that is willing to absorb some of the emotional work in child rearing right now (and always). He also tries to take them outside daily and give me a few moments alone- and it helps!!
But there are some REAL positives to consider. My house hasn’t been this clean since BEFORE kids. I have all the time in the world to complete my tasks; I don’t have to worry that I’ll run out of time before its finished. My house is by no stretch of the imagination spotless, but I have dusted the baseboards on the first floor.

My kids learning “number bonds” together. Yes, I know my desk chair is beat. I ordered a new one this morning.

I haven’t had to brain-space this week to tackle anything too cerebral. I’ve been plugging away on a baby blanket. I started another Wide Garter Stripe Shawl the other day. Mostly because I can work on it while I’m supervising my daughter’s home school process. This version is being knit from the balls of Lion Brand Re-Tweed I have. 2 Balls of Slate, then 1 ball each Arctic Ice, Plum Perfect and Dutch Blue. Its going to be significantly larger than the original. I want a huge shawl I can wrap up in blanket style. Once I figure out how much larger 1000 yards will make the shawl, I can update the pattern to share!

So fast. I started it 4/2. Its flying off the needles!

I hope to post progress on the baby blankets (all three) because the deadline is in about 3 weeks. My “dresser sock” should be complete this month- I work on it while my spouse reads bedtime stories to the kids. I also have a bunch of patterns that need to be formatted and published. Hopefully I find better ways to manage my design work while the kids are home.

How is everyone else managing life right now?


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