So Grown-Up

In the last decade, things happen to make me realize I’m the “grown-up” in the room. The Fish is my favorite character in the Cat in the Hat. I don’t get drunk and attempt to climb water towers in the middle of the desert anymore. I have a favorite grocery store. I own multiple pairs of sneakers for SPECIFIC activities and don’t wear them for situations beyond their intended purpose (like I would NEVER wear my lifting sneakers on a bike ride!). Well yesterday, I got a new desk chair delivered. And let me tell you, IT’S REALLY EXCITING.

I’ve been contemplating a new desk chair for months. The chair I had, I never actually liked; it was a gift. It had arms that didn’t fit under my desk. Recently the bonded leather started to separate, in little schmutz all over the floor and my clothes. It was sad looking, and annoying. I hope my cat doesn’t destroy the fabric- literally my only holdout on replacing the chair. Bonus points for it not adding to the messy appearance of my “office” corner.

If I sewed more I would have less sewing stuff laying around (re: all the stuff under the desk)

Don’t get me wrong, I still do things that make me question my ability to function as an adult. Like last night, there was A BUNCH of leftover candy from making up the kids’ Easter baskets. In my infinite wisdom, I ate SO MANY Reese’s’ Pieces Eggs that I’ve had heartburn since LAST NIGHT. Well played universe, well played.

I’ve also made progress on the baby blankets. I finished the body of one this morning (Saturday) and started the second (or ripped out and restarted the original) this afternoon. I’m still on track to make my goal of next weekend completed and delivered!

My first attempts at C2C crochet have me HOOKED! Shown: Blanket 1 (sans border) and Blanket 2 (23 rows in)

The striping pattern is somewhat random. Which is a REAL struggle for me. I like pattern, I like predictability. I want things to have a balanced look, but still have a spontaneous feel. Also, I already purchased 2 balls of yarn for the project. I want to maximize the use of the yarn with as few leftovers as possible (I’m sure another blanket is on the horizon to make use of all this yarn). Finished dimensions about 40″ x 40″. The original bobble blanket is being frogged for this current blanket. I like it, but I don’t love it. Its too heavy and between the first set of bobbles and the last I misplaced 8 stitches. So much for being good at crochet! I may attempt a similar pattern in the future, but not striped like this one was.


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