Buzzy. I Mean Busy.

I barely have pictures to chronicle what I’ve been up to, but I know I’ve done SOMETHING. The kids started back with hybrid learning last week. I thought I would accomplish so much in those two days a week, spoiler: no. I have a FO that I sent out today, but until its delivered, I don’t want to show it off. Enjoy a clue (see photo below).

This will least me at least 5 years!

I really love where I live. There is never a shortage of great things to see, do, experience. The downtown area of my town is historic, but thriving. The pandemic has caused a great deal of business turnover, but from this, a number of new shops and cafes have been able to find space. One of those spaces is now the Magpie Market, a curated shop with stationary and crafting supplies. I only popped in for a few minutes last week on my way home from dropping off my road bike for service. The store is overwhelmingly beautiful! Even though the store is curated by the creative minds of Magpie Fibers, there is only a small selection of yarn tucked into the back of the shop. I didn’t mind- it made my choice easier. Again, for a different surprise project. I am leaning toward a pattern I’ve knit 5 times before. The Merino/Cotton/Silk blend feels amazing, and know its going to be a joy to work with.

IRL the color, Strange Brew, is more muted.

After trying to get pictures of socks on my own feet (awkward), I finally purchased some sock blockers! I ordered them off of Etsy, and they are a real delight! They are wood, adjustable, and the packaging was so charming! I haven’t really used them yet, but SOON!

Aren’t they darling?


4 responses to “Buzzy. I Mean Busy.”

    • I thought they were violets, but I wasn’t certain! Thank you! My knowledge of plants is practically zero.

      I hope they holes are good for faster drying! That’s part of the reason I went with them, maybe handy if I ever air dry a pair of socks.

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    • The Magpie ladies are SO SWEET too! I know one of the dyers from a knitting group that was active about a decade ago, and another taught/teaches quilting at the same place I taught/teach knit/crochet.

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