A Year of Projects: Week 21

Some Progress!

I have PROGRESS! My goals include actually RELEASING patterns, not just creating and mostly writing them. This week I released Rogue Charm to Ravelry; its FREE with code: RogueCharm until 1/20. After that I’ll be adding it to my Etsy and my LoveCrafts accounts. I’ve started a 4th with fingering held double, and so far it looks GREAT!!

This year, I’m 2 skeins into my 200 skeins used (this includes stash AND new). I had a major moment in de-stashing this week too. I was able to move ALL my yarn into my closet with NO overflow into other areas (my ottoman full of my Grandma’s yarn excluded from this). New soft goals include not having all the bins STUFFED to the gills. Baby steps, right?!?!?!

I’ve moved onto the 2nd sleeve of my “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” sweater. I don’t have a new picture, so here is the yoke from a while ago. The sleeves aren’t patterned and just delightfully blue. Once the 2nd sleeve is finished, I can finish the torso. I am strongly considering tubular bind-off for the sleeves, but DREADING a tubular bind-off for the body. I just keep telling myself it’ll look SO NICE.

That sums up my week. I’ve been intentionally making time to get patterns written, treating them like a work appointment instead of an “I’ll get around to it task”. Hopefully this will encourage me to be more active with releases.

12 responses to “A Year of Projects: Week 21”

  1. Baby steps are the best steps when going for a goal. Your Rogue Charm is really cute. I wish we needed hats here. I would have a closet full of them. But, no such luck. I can not believe you are already onto the second sleeve. Your sweater is moving along quickly.

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  2. I do love your Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend sweater but it looks like it uses thicker yarn than I knit with. You are right that you need to treat your pattern writing as a job with scheduled time if that’s an important goal to meet. Congrats on getting your hat pattern published!

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    • Its a worsted weight sweater. I love how fast they work up, but sometimes they can be REALLY warm!
      Turning a hobby into something bigger is WEIRD. But I love designing and I love sharing my methodology with others. It brings me a lot of joy to see how others use my ideas and make them their own. That is enough to get me to sit down and pattern write!

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  3. 200 skeins in a year …that’s more than half a skein per day! I hope some (or lots) of your skeins are 10g minis and not all 100g skeins. 🤞🏻 If you are someone who beats yourself up about missing a target then perhaps reconsider, I don’t like to see anyone setting themselves up to fail.

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    • My number was arbitrary- a bad thing for a goal! I didn’t REALLY think about how much yarn per day I would need to use. 4 skeins a week isn’t UNREASONABLE, but not always possible. Revising my number down to 150 IS reasonable, attainable, and still greater than zero. Particularly if I’m making hats and scrap blankets in addition to my main projects.
      Thank you for injecting some realism into my goals. I like feeling successful. but don’t really beat myself up over missing targets.

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  4. oooo off to buy your hat pattern. It looks so great. Wow. 200 skeins? You could open your own yarn store (but if you are like me you don’t want to part with any of it). Your sweater is stunning!

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    • The yoke on your sweater is just beautiful, Cinna! I admire your baby steps. They’re actually pretty significant, and they’ll get you to where you want to be.


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