Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: Gifts and Gifts and Some More Masks.

I’m going to take a chance, and assume that MOST of my IRL friends don’t read my blog. This does not hurt my feelings. We are adults and busy with our own stuff, and they are not all interested in my crafty. But I digress. I did a LOT of sewing this week. Or itContinue reading “Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: Gifts and Gifts and Some More Masks.”

Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: Oh Look. More Masks.

We are back to school in our county! We are about a week into the new school year, and all seems well-ish. COVID is still an issue, particularly with those who are unvaccinated, so this means: masks! I made my kids some new ones and pencil pouches recently, so these recent onces are destined forContinue reading “Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: Oh Look. More Masks.”