Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: A PERFECT Zipper Pouch

The word perfect is loaded. Its not so much that the pouch is perfect, but the zipper is SUBLIME.

It started Sunday morning when I was checking my email and there was a post on Bloglovin’ about “How to Shorten a Nylon Zipper” from SOTAK Handmade. I don’t usually watch YouTube tutorials, because there is so much preamble. But this one got RIGHT to the point on how to shorten it, AND INSTALL IT SO IT LOOKS SUPER PROFESSIONAL. I’m so excited I’m practically screaming it at you.

After watching the video I got out my sewing stuff. And made a couple more masks for the gym. The disposable ones make my entire respiratory system BURN, so I try to avoid them for working out. My newest ones fit me well ( I take a tuck under the chin to prevent a gap), have adjustable ear loops, have 3 layers: 2 cotton and one non-woven fusible interface, don’t collapse into my face, and they don’t make me feel like I’ve been huffing fiberglass insulation. That LAST one is my FAVORITE feature.

THEN after finishing my masks I sewed the pouch. Its not as perfect as it could be, my only criticism is my side seam allowance should be a bit wider so the end of the zipper is closer to the side seam and a side pull tab would be nice. Other things: I ACTUALLY ironed the seams open FLAT! I usually don’t, but I will now, because it makes a HUGE difference! I added a decorative top stitch at the juncture between two different fabrics, and idea I got from my friend over at Medusa Raptor; they are brilliant. I used fusible fleece interface to make it look all plump.

Its awesome, and I’m super proud of my LEAST shoddy seamstress attempts to date. This time I just kinds winged it on sizing and played around with my new giant cutting mat. Not having to worry about slicing up my floor and table with my rotary cutter is the bees knees.


6 responses to “Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: A PERFECT Zipper Pouch”

    • I try to be as concise as possible when I do technique or stitch explanations.

      I can’t wait to sit down and make (improved) pouches! My sewing skills are definitely improving!


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