Good Intentions

AKA: Failing at Resolutions.

Wearing my boss hat while working on yarn-y things and resolutions.

This isn’t all about how awful I’ve been at keeping my arbitrary resolutions, but merely a lament that I can’t do it all at once.

2020 was going to be MY YEAR. I have multiple crafting resolutions. I became active in one of the Stash Down groups on Ravelry that I’ve been a member of since 2008. I decided to actively engage with the knit and crochet communities. I wrote out my “Sigma 2020 Goals”; they hang on my board. My goals aren’t lofty or unrealistic, and all things considered, I’m making OK progress. But I don’t feel like I’m WINNING this year.

As we can see, keeping my hands moisturized isn’t a goal.

The problem isn’t the goals. Its me. I am an instant gratification kinda lady. I want it NOW. I want to be able to finish my goals quickly. When I have long term goals, I lose interest after a couple months. Even breaking them into small goals becomes tedious after awhile. Some of my goals literally span the entire year ( like writting 10 blog posts a month: for the entire year, or getting in more intentional cardio workouts: I’m notorious for just doing a LOT of strength training and blowing off cardio). Some of the goals I had intended to knock out pretty quick, like finishing WIPs, organizing spaces, and reading books. I’ve completed 3 (out of a goal of 8) long-term WIPs (the Sally Cardigan, the Estes Park Shawl, and my Franken-Top).

Yeah…this Paulie from 2012 still in Limbo

I have a couple of finish or frog projects that I can’t seem to make a decision on one way or another. Primary example: my Paulie cardigan. I’m almost certain its going to be too small for me now. When I started it there was only ONE size available on the pattern; its since expanded in sizes. I love the color choices I made. I DON’T want to rip out all of the work that went into it. Converting it to a pullover with a center panel isn’t out of the question (I need the extra space in the front of the garment anyway). See the conundrum?

LOOK! The heel row is marked. Now to finish the leg/ribbing and the 2nd sock!!!

To be honest, I thought the pattern publishing thing would go faster! I have handful of small projects released this year (find them here!). I also have a pretty substantial pattern pipeline right now. I have 2 free crochet baby blanket patterns in the works, a free sock pattern (that also meets my 1 of my 2 pairs of socks for me goal), two adventurous beginner shawls (one knit and one crochet) that need to be blogged, and a cowl that just needs PICTURES so I can publish. I have some older designs that need to be reworked for pattern release. Then there are ALL THE design sketches just waiting to be brought to life. Not enough time to develop, work-up, write, release, blog, and MARKET in addition to raising two young kids. Little steps, right?

The book goal is really bothering me too. I wanted to read 6 books by Women of Color this year. I have one that I want to dive into, but I feel I should finish reading the last 20 pages of my current book. I think once I finish up these crochet projects and I’m on some knitting it’ll be easier to read more. I can read and knit. I can’t read and crochet, YET.

My next book! I’ve read the first couple pages and can’t wait to dive in!

How are you doing with your resolutions or goals for 2020? Are you crushing them? Have you abandoned or modified them?


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