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  • YOP 2023: 4/52

    I was going to write this tomorrow, on MONDAY, but here I am on Sunday night clickity clacking away on my keyboard. Its been a weird week that has put me in a weird headspace. Last week was a “short week” here, complete with internet connectivity issues (that resulted in a ISP tech visit and […]

  • Adventures with cats.

    Or: we now have two cats in our family. And how it’s going. For the first time in my life, I have a small cat army of 2. Not going to lie, I hoped they would be instant besties. By day 2 Telly (aka Cat#1) was all in. Stella remains skeptical of Cat#1 after nearly […]

  • YOP 2023: 3/52

    You know what I’m bad at? Going to the Post Office. I can FORCE myself to go when I have DEADLINE specific things like Etsy Orders or holiday cards. But in general I find it REALLY difficult to just go. I don’t hate going. I just struggle to make the time to just do it. […]

  • YOP 2023: 2/52

    I don’t have any real progress to report. None of my patterns have been released yet, although many of them are just patiently waiting to be. This is me just getting sidetracked instead of sitting down and JUST DOING IT. I think I should add “Just do the task” to my YOP goal, for my […]

  • WIP-it Wednesday! #1

    It’s the first Wednesday of the new year, and I decided to introduce structure to my posting schedule! Back in November I started a fingering weight scarf. Short Shawl?? Anyway, after 6 weeks I finished the body. I spent HOURS trying to find the RIGHT border. Today I found “the one”, cast-on, and am 3 […]

  • YOP 2023: 1/52

    Ahhh- smell that FRESH NEW YEAR smell. I have some new YOP goals to keep me motivated to create. Some are rollover goals, like use 100 balls of yarn and use enough craft materials to keep everything in one spot. Some are NEW: Cricut projects!! One is just a checklist to release a HUGE backlog […]

  • Good-bye 2022

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Wellllllll. 2022 was the worst and I’m glad to see it go. The latter half was a giant struggle and the year felt like non-stop loss punctuated with disappointment. I’m looking forward to the new calendar year, and a recommitment to myself and my projects. […]

  • Whirlwinds

    I’ve eluded to a tough summer. It was bad. I lost one of my best friends since college in July. My Dad’s cancers were deemed terminal in early August and he entered hospice. At the end of September, he passed. I’ve been back and forth to Florida 4 times since early August; its about 950 […]

  • Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: FrankenFabric

    And finished pouches. My sewing machine got a WORKOUT today! I’ve been piecing together FrankenFabrics for a while now. For the longest, I was just piecing pieces, but was inspired by my SUPER talented friend over at Medusa Raptor to use decorative top stitching. It really leveled up my work. Additionally. I’ve made SO MANY […]

  • Plush Bias

    Hi. Welcome back. I spent a lot of time spinning my wheels on patterns that have YET to be released. So I came up with this palette cleanser. No charts. No difficult techniques. Just a quick knit, with an easy to memorize pattern, decedent bulky yarn, and speedy big needles. Not everything needs to be […]