The Lost Knits File Part Four

My finished socks.

Its been quite some time since I’ve worked on an old WIP. With all the baby blanket crocheting and pattern designing, I’ve had busy hands. Sometimes in the evenings, while my spouse is reading the kids a bedtime story, I work on an easy project that lives in my bedroom. This particular pair of socks were pulled out of hibernation back in 2019 when I found and finished my “Cabled Alaska Socks”.

The pattern is the Weasley Homestead sock, a free pattern available on Ravelry. The first sock and most of the cuff of the second sock were complete. I even KNEW which pattern it was and POSSESSED the pattern, no searching in vain and making it up necessary (unlike my Cabled Alaska Socks). So I did the obvious, I set the socks on my dresser (on a small tray) to encourage me to pick them back up and finish them in a reasonable amount of time.

Obviously this didn’t happen. For almost a year these socks were VISIBLE, just sitting on my dresser mocking me. Recently, I picked them up started the task of finishing them. Not arduous. This week, after I finished the Randclaw Blanket, I worked on my “dresser” socks in earnest. I finished the sock beyond the gusset in 3 days. I guess they match well enough, the gauge isn’t completely the same between the two. Nothing particularly noticable, perhaps the difference of one resting for 6 years and the

The yarn is Patons Stretch Sock, a blend of cotton, wool, nylon, and elastic. The fabric has a nubby hand. Pre-wash it is difficult to determine how much additional stretch the sock actually has. The socks are a little roomier than I prefer, and I didn’t really line them up well to snap these pictures this afternoon. The heel is a modified eye-of-partridge flap with a gusset- not my preferred method of heel.

Tonight I have plans to cast-on/design my “I-didn’t-want-to-actually-get-dressed-today, yet-here-we-are” top. Its going to be PURPLE with eyelets. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on that design process.


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