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  • Free Pattern- Giant Squishy Scarf of DOOM

    I feel guilty calling it a pattern; its so easy. Its not a pattern. Not really. Its literally garter stitch. ALL GARTER stitch. But I’ve done the work so I can tell you the finished dimensions, needle sizes, and how much yarn you need. NO guessing. Project Backstory Because this is the internet and bloggers […]

  • Good-bye 2022

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Wellllllll. 2022 was the worst and I’m glad to see it go. The latter half was a giant struggle and the year felt like non-stop loss punctuated with disappointment. I’m looking forward to the new calendar year, and a recommitment to myself and my projects. […]

  • Holding Patterns

    Literally and figuratively. I’m sitting on a small pile of patterns. STILL. Sorry. AND I’m designing NEW stuff. Because why finish something you’ve been working on for 6 months when you can start something NEW AND EXCITING. Yes. I have a TON of fun stuff coming down the pipeline- straightforward with a twist shapes. I’m […]

  • Me. And My Big Ideas.

    When I get an idea in my head. I CANNOT shake it. I won’t say I OBSESS about it, but I do plan on how to bring it to reality. I’ll research and plan and price my vision. This time, I’ve got my sights set on my first floor powder room. When we moved in, […]

  • New! New! New!

    Pattern Releases! I released two patterns this week! Actually, I spent most of Thursday releasing patterns on Ravelry. And part of Friday doing the social media promotion, which is super exhausting. Seriously, social media drains me. People who can promote their businesses and projects daily: I commend you! There must be a secret. But I […]

  • This Wild Life

    Here at my house, the whirlwind of Easter/Spring Break/my first born’s birthday is still in full swing. Easter was the usual TOO MUCH candy. I went to Target and just indiscriminately threw bags into the cart. There was SO much candy that I had to go purchase more reusable plastic eggs, and there are still […]

  • Reflections on Design.

    I’ve mentioned that I’ve been unofficially designing for almost as long as I’ve been knitting. Creatively exploring my skill boundaries has been fun for me. I get an idea or a shape or a color pattern in my head, and I do my best to try and get it out in yarn. My current WIP/development […]

  • A Year of Projects: Weeks 28, 29, 30

    I blink and ALL OF A SUDDEN, its the end of March. AND the first day of spring. I for one am looking forward to blooming trees, flowers, growing grass, and open windows. I am NOT excited for the pollen-ing, but I can’t expect all the wins. My allergies are waiting to wallop me with […]

  • February 2022 Haiku Wrap-up

    I impulsively decided to write (at least) one Haiku a day for the month of February. I wrote 36!! Mostly just to see if I could. I used inspiration from my daily life to create some truly ATROCIOUS poetry. I then unleashed it on the world via Instagram and my Personal Facebook. Just in case […]

  • Create, Poorly.

    By the time most Januarys are over I hit what I affectionately call the doldrums of winter. All the fun stuff of winter (December holidays, my birthday) have all passed, and I’m left with dead grass and bleak skies. I did a January photo challenge with my handmades the past two years, and its been […]