Time Out!!

About where I need to rip back to. *sob*

Last Saturday I started on a new design. Let me say, it did not work out as per my original vision. I didn’t realize this until yesterday when I went to split the front and back. 500 yards into the project I discovered that I needed to REDO how the eyelets are done on the flat section and that I possibly cast-on entirely too many sleeve stitches because the 50″ body is swimming on me and I don’t really want the sleeves to reach my elbows. I wanted it to be oversized, with 5″-10″ of positive ease; so 50″ would put me in the 7″ over full bust measurement range.

Now my “PlumBody to Love” AKA I-didn’t-want-to-get-dressed-today-but-here-we-are is in time out until I can figure out exactly what I’m going to do with it. The idea of ripping out 10 inches (oh and I made it too short by an inch) and picking up 250 stitches makes me twitchy right now. And its Mother’s Day, “my day”. I plan on keeping the fold-over hem intact because that is the only thing that HAS worked out as planned!

My frustration point. The eyelets too busy, the pattern frequency not sustainable.

My redo will include a lace panel up the front center of the body, which will only make the lace on the knit side of the flat section. Or perhaps an off-center lace panel that will not be effected by the neckline and run un-interrupted to the shoulder seam. Travel diagonally? I have given myself 24 hours to decide.

My favorite part: the folded hem!

In the mean time, I have picked up my Round Yoke “Cute Fight” sweater. I’m about to divide off the sleeves. This sweater will never be a pattern unfortunately; I’m winging it and haven’t taken very accurate notes. But it will be a killer sweater that I will wear once fall rolls around.

About where I’ve been since November 2019 on this project.

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