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This past week has flown by. I guess that’s the blessing and curse of losing all sense of actual days. I spend so much time in proximity of my computer (keeping my kid on track for distance learning), that actually USING it to work loses all appeal. I started a post about my reading project this year. But only was able to finish half of it before I was too tired to write anything that made sense (I’ll come back to it, PROMISE).

While my daughter works, I am limited by the tasks I can accomplish. I need to be close by to keep her on task, she’s 6, and help explain instructions and concepts that she isn’t grasping. I can knit or crochet, read, pop into the kitchen to do the dishes and other tasks that I can complete in 5 minutes or less. I spent a LOT of time knitting this week. Thursday I finished my 3rd Wide Garter Stitch Shawl. This one was MASSIVE. I plan on using it more like a blanket than a shawl.

My old man cat was not ready for his close-up.

I used the same needle size and gauge, just used more yarn to complete additional section repeats. I had 5 balls of Lion Brand’s Re-Tweed that weren’t going to work for the original intents. The yarn is a bit RUSTIC in feel. I haven’t washed it yet, so my opinion may change. Its not itchy, but it isn’t soft. When we FINALLY get to go camping, I’m bringing it along. It screams drink-coffee-outdoors-while-wearing-me-on-a-brisk-morning and bring-me-to-the-camp-fire. Maybe I need to build a fire pit in my back yarn this year, ya know, because my knitwear told me to? I don’t think its prohibited per my HOA guidelines.

Another high quality filter free image!

Don’t worry if you hate the outdoors (bugs, the sun), it works equally well indoors.

I frogged my PlumBody to Love top yesterday and have restarted the body. I have a couple versions I’m thinking about. The acrylic one (which is NOT good for eyelets), a cotton one, and one in a linen blend. The acrylic one will be solid and cotton and linen will have a lace panel option.

I’m also taking part in a “Basket Dash” with one of my Ravelry groups, Stash Knit Down. I have 5 projects I want to complete between May 1 and July 15. Three of them are pattern design (!!!) one is an old WIP, and the last was my shawl I just finished. Oddly, none are crochet. I can just throw in a crochet project whenever I want!
I’m not as active in online communities as I feel I should be. I have knitting/crocheting and reading and parenting and life to do.


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