Totally Tubular!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a creature of habit. I start most of my projects with a long-tail cast-on. I know there are DOZENS of cast-ons and their variations, but for most applications long-tail is good enough. With that said, today I decided I wanted to learn a new cast-on. Specifically, the Tubular Cast-on.

You see, I’ve decided to start a new hat. I needed something quick to break-up the disappointment of having to re-do 2/3 of my “PlumBody to Love” tee/sweater. I had some pretty big ideas about a single wide cable hat flanked by sections of reverse stockinette and another section of stockinette. All topped with a pom-pom, because why not?

It seems to be taking quite a bit longer this time.

Back at Christmas, I encouraged my spouse to stop at the Flying Needles in Williamsburg, VA on our way to the in-laws. I choose a couple of skeins that, one being from The Copper Corgi, Jones Street Worsted in Moria. I wanted to make a cabled hat with a pom-pom, which I also picked up that day. A darling fluffy powder blue and black puff. Its WAY nicer than all the inexpensive ones I purchased from my local big box craft store; fluffier AND lighter in weight! It really pulls the blue in my dark yarn.

But I digress; the Tubular Cast-on. I wanted a very finished edge to this hat, something that my trusty long-tail isn’t known for. I did a quick google search and came up with THIS video from the Mason-Dixon Knitting site. Its a tubular cast-on with waste yarn.

My Tubular with Waste Yarn Cast-on set up.

My first attempt was 2×2, which I messed up by trying to remember what I watched instead of writing it down or following along. But my 1×1: FRIJOLES!! It worked like a charm and it looks MAGICAL. Although, clipping the waste yarn out with scissors gave me some pause. But I did it any way! In the future, I will definitely try some of the other tubular variations.

I can’t wait to share this pattern with all of you!
Do you have a favorite cast-on? A new technique that you were pleasantly surprised by?


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