The Waiting Game

It’s Nobody’s Birthday

I hate waiting. When I want to do a thing, I want to do it NOW. No matter if I have procrastinated previously. Right now, I’ve got the bug to WIND ALL THE YARN. The problem, my winder. When I wound up a bunch of yarn a couple of months ago it was a HASSLE. You see, my 10-year-old trusty $20 KnitPicks winder is on its last leg. I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it, that’s for sure. But anymore it won’t wind a good ball. I have to wind it 2-5 times to get an ALMOST-KINDA-SORTA usable center-pull ball. And even then… some parts are just barfs of yarn. Really annoying.

If I only have a singe hank of worsted, I’ll do it by hand. But I have a dozen hanks I want to get prepped. Half of it fingering. I would rather be working a project, thanks.

So the solution is to buy a new winder (my wood swift is still prime condition). Which I DID. A Stanwood Winder (affiliated link). It shipped from the company out in California within an HOUR of ordering it, back on 6/23. Now… I’m playing the waiting game. Its a 2600 mile journey across America- this package obviously did not make the journey via plane. It should be here TOMORROW. Tomorrow is SOOOO long to wait! You can be sure that Tuesday will likely be me telling you that A) I’ve wound a ton of yarn, and B) How I really feel about my new toy.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been plugging away on my “Giant Randclaw”. ANNNNND, the 5 balls of Bernat Blanket Stripes I purchased back in July 2019 isn’t going to be sufficient. I have also discovered that this version of Blanket yarn is discontinued. Whomp, whomp!! But no fear, I’m going to flank it in an off-white on either side from the same brand- I am optimistic that it’ll coordinate. I have 2 balls on order that’ll be here next week some time (they were on sale, bonus). This project has no read due date, so whenever I finish it- Cool.

After 4 balls it measures 66 x 36. I’m NOT ripping it back.

My other large project, Faire Stripes Sweater, is making reasonable progress. I’m just working on 12-14″ of body before I add the blue back to the body and work a bunch of ribbing. Then ONTO THE SLEEVES! The are going to be half sleeves. Or until I run out of yarn. I’ve 860 yards total to make this 44″ sweater. I haven’t knit a worsted weight sweater in a couple years. Its going REALLY quick!

7″ of body stripes are a go.

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