Unbirthday Productivity

Awesome hat. Awful lighting. Its pouring down rain currently.

The other day, I was telling you about my new design project, the Merry Unbirthday Hat! I’ve finished version 1.0 with my super amazing AT Haynes House Yarn‘s Haynesville Fingering in It’s Nobody’s Birthday. This yarn was pure joy and magic to work with. The colors are vibrant and the hand is so soft and PLUSH. Just because this colorway is gone doesn’t mean you should pass on Terri’s other amazing colorways, you WILL NOT be disappointed!

And since I loved my first version, I decided to jump RIGHT INTO a SECOND version with some random stash. Its not as soft as the first version- but not all stash is created equal. The thick rib texture gives it a really bouncy feel, its going to be warm without being weighty. I’m using Premier Yarns Serenity Sock Weight in Violas paired with the leftovers from my VERY FIRST pair of knit socks from 2003(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). This might be my oldest stash. I have long since lost the ball band, so I have no idea what yarn it is. I know its a wool/nylon blend and I purchased it at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia during my last semester of undergrad. I remember the conversation I had with the woman at the shop regarding sock knitting, and her giving me an easy basic free pattern. Her advice about trusting the pattern in regards to turning the heel with short-rows was 100% SPOT ON.

Merry Unbirthday: Brooding birthday version 2.0

The dark combination is really cool! Giving the project a bit more “seriousness”. Some people like somber winter garments. For me personally, the more whimsical the better! I enjoy being a bright spot in the bleak grey days of winter. If I manage to make someone, anyone, smile with my crazy clown colored winter accessories, I’ve done my duty.

Dark and Light. Same hat two very different vibes.

Stay tuned for an August release! I’ll be putting out a testing call this weekend. If you are interested, please contact me (using the form at the bottom of the main page) for details by Tuesday August 4th 2020. Or find me on Ravelry, Instagram, or Facebook. Its your favorite fingering held double and a 4mm needle!

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