Too Much Fun

Even during a pandemic, I am feeling TOO BUSY with “summer” stuff. The kids aren’t going to their friends houses 3-5 days a week; right now its zero play dates a week. We didn’t take a vacation. No summer camps. I’m not teaching classes at my local big box craft store. Spouse isn’t on a zillion and one work trips. What gives?!?!? Without all the usual stuff, I still feel like I can’t complete all the knit and crochet tasks I want to complete!!!

So many freckles…. and their crappy cousins, sunspots.

I guess trying to keep the kids occupied and not letting them watch 12 hours of TV a day, and keeping them imaginative, and active is time consuming. I think we have gone swimming more times this summer than any summer past. Our local Y has a summer camp location up in the mountains, 35 minutes away, that has limited swim reservation availability. I’m not sure if members have always been able to use this pool, or just this year because things are “weird”. There are 5 family spots available per reservation block. The reservation block is 1.75 hours ( just outside the reapply guidelines for most sunblocks). There is social distancing. Masks outside the pool. The lifeguards disinfect all the surfaces between sessions. We also nab the first reservation block of the day on weekends at noon: and we show up! Today we were the only ones there. To be fair, it was supposed to be rainy and not too hot today. The kids are getting way more confident in the water! And since they are non-swimmers still, I need to be in the pool with them AT ALL TIMES.

Three additional masks I made myself out of prints I’ve been hoarding for 6 years.

I’ve also tasked myself with making a BUNCH of cloth face masks. Seriously, my sewing machine hasn’t gotten this much work ever. Let me say, I’m so excited spouse splurged and purchased me a new machine this past Xmas.

More fiber related posts coming this week!


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