Yarn Cake

Honestly, I want some real cake instead. A chocolate one, with just a bit of icing (I’m not really into icing). I could have spend my day making a cake instead…. But yarn cakes will have to suffice today. Ah. Chalk it up to missed opportunities.

My kids are 15 minutes away, RV camping with my parents (who have been following guidelines!). Which means time to do all the stuff. Just kidding. It means get delivery from the Jamaican place (which was enough food for dinner yesterday AND today), eat dinner in front of the TV, listen to loud music with child-UNFRIENDLY lyrics, and watch Muppet Treasure Island. I didn’t get any knitting or crochet done today (yet). I wove in the ends of a pocket scarf, but need to actually sew on the pockets.

Instead, I wound 30 hanks of yarn into cakes. Yeah THIRTY. I think I worked on it for about 3 (or 4) hours total. 6000 yards (6600 m) of yarn, all ready to go. This is some of my deepest stash, I think I will be more inclined to grab it for upcoming projects.

I wound sweater quantities of 3 yarns: Shalamar Yarns Equus in Mephisto Waltz (a black blue) that I purchased at a Studio Open House back in 2017, Queensland Collection Rustic Tweed in color 925: a lilac/mauve tweed (discontinued) purchased sometime between 2009 and 2012, and Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool (in discontinued color 03- gray) that I purchased in late 2019. Other fun treasures: an Alpaca spun and dyed on a farm we visited in 2016, Miss Babs Yowza in maybe Newsprint? (I think that was the name… I don’t have the ballbands) that I purchased from MD sheep and wool in 2013, Haute Boheme Fibers Mimi DK in Apo purchased at the Frederick Fiber Festival in 2018.

From bottom to top: Haute Boheme Fibers Mimi DK in Apo and Knot House Yarns La Di Da DK and Grey Gatsby. I’m thinking colorwork cowl.

Additionally I decided to finally re-ball from when I frogged the “Clap” (the Clapotis) I was making for my mom back in 2008. Yeah, 12 years this yarn has been languishing. It was a beast to ball! For SOME unknown reason I hanked the yarn from my frogged project held double. Really me of the past, not smart. I wound one by hand, and one on my skein winder then re-wound the ball into a cake for consistency. I have 3 total cakes now, my Ravelry project page says I had 4 skeins of South West Trading Company Bamboo in Red. I have 3… a mystery is afoot.

A mess.

I think I officially have every commercially spun yarn (that came hanked) wound into cakes! This leaves a dozen or so hand spun hanks for another day. Rejoice!

Contains: Some Assembly Required Sweaters and other coziness.

So balls? Cakes? Skeins? Interchangeable nomenclature? What do you call your center pull cylinders of fiber-y goodness?


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