New Radio

Just Kidding, just new media (for me).

I’m wrapping up my Currents Scarf. I literally have the bind-off left to do: tomorrow.

My patient piece.

Moving forward, I want to have companion videos for techniques used in my patterns. I have a tripod that holds my phone (which takes surprisingly good quality videos) and a white background for good contrast. I spend a few hours this morning setting up, and recording, re-recording, and re-re-recording videos. These were my first attempts at making video. I don’t dislike them! It was weird to watch my own work for clarity, content, and framing as I was knitting the less contrasting color for the shot I just finished! I ran out of day light (good lighting) and compliant children, so tomorrow I can finish up the last part and get my ends woven in!

Part of my goals moving forward is to re-work and re-imagine some of my favorite previously unpublished designs. The Currents Scarf is the first of these projects! It hails from 2011/2012. I had knit 2 of these scarves in Malabrigo Worsted (single ply). One for me (that I still wear), and one for my spouse (that is practically new). I had written the pattern down for a friend and she typed it up for me. I’ve used the old pattern in a plied yarn, with equally beautiful results!

Hers and His “matching” scarves.

I guess with my foray into new content creation that means new learning goals. My immediate goal includes some basic video editing to cut out the couple seconds of silence as I stop the video. I LOVE learning new things!


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