So Close!

But I won’t taste it, because that would be weird.

It fits!

I finished the body and neck of my Cute-Fight sweater! I purchased the yarn a year ago from the AT Haynes House Yarns booth at the Frederick Fiber Fest. I cast-on the project October 22. 2019, worked on it for a bit then got distracted by other projects. I have the sleeves left to do, but it is unlikely that I will have enough yarn left for full length sleeves. But I don’t really want/need/use full length sleeves, so this fits my partial sleeve preference just fine.

All the yarn available for the sleeves

This sweater is currently participating in a few personal challenges. Its in my Sigma20 challenge(as part of 3 sweaters for me), my StashDown Basket (running through Oct. 15), and part of my Year of Projects list! Additionally, the colors are way outside my wheelhouse. I don’t really “do” pink, or green for that matter. Yet, I’m really loving it, because its loud and one-of-a-kind.

An ok picture of the neckline. Taken in the harsh overhead light of my living room.

I won’t lie, I’m really excited to get this sweater finished and blocked! It lays nice now, but I want to even out some of the stitches. With the yarn being a superwash, I’m assuming that it will grow a couple inches (desired) and the neckline will lay better.

I’ve been working so diligently that I haven’t made the time to blog about it!

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