Not Enough Time

To do everything.

This week has not been particularly productive for knitting or crocheting. Heck, I’m not even working on an actual crochet project. Yikes.

Monday night, a friend of mine and I took our kids to a ticketed Halloween Drive-Thru candy event. It was a nightmare. We WAITED in a HUGE line of cars from 5:45 until 8, when we actually got to do the drive-thru part. And it took all of 10 minutes. We lamented not just buying a pinata and a couple bags of candy to hit with stick in my backyard. It would have been WAY more fun. I brought my knitting, but decided not to knit during the wait. We didn’t even take pictures of the kids in their costumes.

Even with this unsuccessful event, we did have a successful Halloween event! Friday night, my YMCA hosted a super small trunk-or-treat in the back parking lot and a movie in the soccer field afterward. 25 families, 12 candy stops, 1 group at-a-time at each table, SOCIAL DISTANCING, appropriate masks at all times for participants over 5. I appreciate all the hard work they did to make such a fun event! I got to knit during the movie (the new animated Addams Family movie).

Snuggled up waiting for the movie.

I started cutting out the fabric for more unsolicited masks. These are going to go to my kids’ school for teachers, administration, and staff. Mostly because, if the district moves toward a hybrid learning model, I have a feeling they are going to need a lot more masks the get them through the day than they initially anticipated. Again, I’m just trying to find ways to support my local community in ways that are accessible to me. They will also need lysol wipes, tissues, and hand sanitizer- things they needed even before the pandemic.

90 rectangles cut to 6×9, enough for 30 3-layer masks.

I am working through a Mini-Chaos as my current knitting project. Same diameter, shorter height. One of the options in my upcoming pattern!

Looks just like all my other updates…. But I promise, it’s different.

On a nerdy front: I like mental puzzles. I have a short attention span. I also have two young children who need my attention whenever I start doing something that doesn’t involve them. The New York Times Mini-Crossword Puzzle has been my favorite thing for like 8 months. I’ve done it 6 days a week since I found it. Back in July, I finished the puzzle in 24 seconds. I thought that was the BEST I could do. HAHA, today I finally beat my time! 23 seconds!! Before you think I’m magic, its 10 clues total. 5 across and 5 down. A normal fast day is sub-45 seconds. It has taken me up to 4 minutes to finish. SO here I am sharing my totally useless victory. Honestly, I’m not really certain if I could complete it any faster. We’ll see.


I guess that’s all I have to share. Nothing much else for this catchall post.

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