Year of Projects: Week 13

Greetings from the 8th Continent

Sunday?!?! (Ok now that I’m ready to publish its MONDAY) Already?? I’m still plugging away on Cardi B. I’ve also started the Kyyyyyyyyyyyyle blanket for a friend. I’m excited to finally have another crochet project on the hook!

The wave is real.

If I’m being quite honest, I think I miscalculated my corner stitches, because the squares are wavy and obviously NOT correct. I will rework the current one to see if that’s what it takes; much easier than ripping out everything if it isn’t going to work.

This one I will re-work, as a test.

Cardi B is making steady progress. When I make my next cable cross, I will also add some pockets. I’m going to use the same technique I used for peasant heels on a pair of socks earlier this year: work the stitches that will be the pocket with a contrast yarn. When I’m done with the sweater, I’ll pick out those stitches and use those live stitches to knit the pocket liners from. I am feeling a bit of trepidation regarding the amount of yarn remaining. I have less than a 1/4 of my current ball and 2 full balls (278 yards each) but need to construct the sleeves, the neck, the button bands, AND finish the body. Living dangerously…. That’s me.

The remains of ball 3 (out of 5)

Between Cardi B and Kyyyyyyyle, nothing new to report. I delivered all my finished masks last week. I actually kept a couple for myself because the prints I had earmarked for myself for the longest time (for a different project). Last week I donated 80 masks. I’m STILL NOT out of elastic!! The giant spool I ordered off of Amazon seems to be lasting forever. At least now, I can see that I’m making headway in using it. I have less than 10 yards of quilting cotton left, the only fabric I have suitable for mask making. I think it realistic that I can use it all by the end of the year! Let’s be honest, masks are here to stay awhile, no need to stop creating more. I might actually purchase more fabric and make some for extended family and give as gifts. They have been wearing the sad boring disposable ones.

One of the new masks I’ve kept for myself. Perfectly coordinating with my Chaos Cables Cowl and PlumBody to Love sweater (both my own pattern coming soon)


12 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 13”

  1. I hope your remaining yarn makes it to the end of Cardi B. How interesting that all your squares are wavy. Are you following a pattern or creating your own? The face mask you made for yourself is cute. Do you add wires for the nose? I had to do that for my fellow glass wearers.

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    • My squares were improvised. I decreased the number of DC at the corner and made the corner chain longer today. Worked perfectly! I have three squares completes and a 4th started. I’m happy I didn’t need to do something completely different!


  2. Loving your Cardi B!! Don’t you just love yarn chicken. I end up ordering more yarn and then have it leftover. Grr, not only did I buy yarn I don’t need I paid to have it shipped!! Oh well.

    Good for you to save some masks. With Covid clearly lasting through the winter, I think I’m going to make myself some more as well. I need to do it before we snowbird to Florida as I’m not bringing my sewing machine with me!!

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    • If I didn’t want long sleeves, the yarn would be a non-issue! Working from a pattern does take some of the stress out of “do I have enough yarn”? If the yarn knit up on size 8/5mm needles, I would have enough. However, I didn’t like the fabric on the recommended needles and went down 2 needle sizes…. which feels like I have significantly less margin for error.

      My parents usually snowbird in Florida too. My dad decided to unretire so he isn’t going this year. I have floated staying north to my mom because cases are so much lower where she is.

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  3. Yarn chicken is sooooo nerve wracking. I am playing it right now , but fortunately if I lose I have some more of that colour on order so….phew. Your masks are great. We each have two cool funky printed masks and I am so happy to have them instead of boring one. The one you are modeling is awesome! making some for your family sounds like a perfect Christmas gift idea!

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    • I have 7 or 8 masks now. With all the laundry I do, I’m at no risk for running out!

      This particular yarn chicken is nerve wracking because the yarn is discontinued and about a decade old! Once I am done with the current ball, I’m going to move right into the sleeves and then gauge finishing the body from there.


  4. That is a super fun fabric for a mask. My hat is off to you for all that mask making. Very generous of you. 🙂 I’ve long told myself I don’t want to make any more masks, but I recently found a new-to-me pattern and I can’t believe I have a bit of an itch to try it out.

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    • Sometimes when I see a new mask pattern I feel the same way! But I usually stick to the basic rectangular or a multi-layer pieced one. Mostly because I can practically sew them in my sleep!

      The fabric is a stylized Star Wars print from Joann Fabrics, I originally was going to make a new project bag out of. Until I realized I don’t actually need more project bags!


    • When it comes to color, I’m drawn to a specific color palette (cool jewel tones and black/gray). My stash yarns and fabrics reflect this, and it brings me amusement. Sometimes I think I should expand my color range, but then I would need more clothes.
      I’m about halfway into the first sleeve, and I suspect that I will have JUST enough yarn.

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