New shoes, feat. lint covered pants.

I finally did something I should have done A LONG TIME AGO. I’m making my patterns available on platforms BESIDES Ravlery. It is significantly more time consuming that I thought it would be.

I love Ravelry. It is the place I go to look at new patterns and and where I interact with the knitting community, outside of my blog. I understand the platform. They don’t charge designers to list their patterns. They have REALLY low processing fees.

But there are SO many other places that people get patterns, and I wasn’t representing myself. Including my OWN site; apparently I can host PDFs and take payment for them.

I’ve added my paid patterns to ETSY (because they won’t let me offer free patterns). I’m working on getting all of my patterns on LoveCrafts, so people can find my patterns while yarn shopping. Once I get all my patterns up and approved, I’ll add the link to my designer page!

What other places do you shop for patterns that I’m not representing myself on?


3 responses to “Diversify”

  1. Ravelry for all my knitting patterns but I use Etsy for weaving ones. I’ve got so LoveCrafts patterns in my LoveKnitting app but don’t think I’ve knit any of them yet. But that also syncs with Ravelry so they all end up jumbled together. Good luck with your sales.

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