Merry Un-Birthday Video Links

Version C of Merry Un-Birthday: WITH POM POM!!

At long last, Merry Un-Birthday is ready! This pattern works with ANY two sock/fingering weight yarns held together.

You can get the pattern on Ravelry Here!

Use the code MerryUnbirthday to get it Free Until 02/11/2021

My new light box made it possible to get some great pictures of the finished project!! Having the kids engaged in virtual learning gives me fewer hours during the week to do what I want to do; this just means I need to work more efficiently.

But I digress. I taped a few YouTube videos for a couple of the techniques in the pattern. I know that everyone learns differently, which is why I included written and picture directions in the pattern and made these videos. The videos are NOT the pattern; they are simply a how-to work some of the techniques (a tutorial).

Tubular Cast-On with Waste Yarn Part 1
Tubular Cast-on with Waste Yarn Part 2 (the cutting off of waste yarn)
Video of the PU1L, S1, SSK and K2tog steps
How to Purl 2 Stitches Together: P2tog


7 responses to “Merry Un-Birthday Video Links”

  1. Thank you for the pattern, one of my friends saved it and I took a look at it last week … it’s quite lovely.

    With all the work you’ve been doing, you deserve more than a day of relaxation. Cheers for a less stressful week this week around

    Liked by 1 person

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