Lesson Learned

Pointy Sticks!!

It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes I don’t have a needle I need for a project. Yes, I may have a needle in that size, but I don’t have EVERY size/length circular combination (I have interchangeable needles, but the smallest tips are a 5). Particularly in sizes smaller than 8. I started a new scarf with my AT Haynes House Yarns Love Lines Advent earlier this week. I found that a size 3 would be PERFECT for the drape I’m looking for. The problem? The scarf I envisioned is constructed as a tube. In size 3/3.25mm I have 24″ circulars, DPNs, and maybe a set of straights (which I never bothered to look for). I tried SO many times to make the 24″ circulars work. It was a complete act of futility. Too big for the project, too small for magic loop.

I’ve been working with my DPNs, which work. But the gauge is a bit loose, therefore its a bit slower on the DPN than it would be on circulars. Brilliant idea: I needed to order smaller pom-poms so I figured that I would just tack on the size 3 16″ circular needles onto my Amazon order.

NOPE!!! I got some short size 1s instead. Sticking a sticker on the packaging of what you WANT it to be doesn’t make it that item. I won’t be returning the wrong item (but I did give the seller a 1-Star review). It is a size needle I wanted to add to my collection, it is NOT the needle I currently need (or ordered). However, LESSON LEARNED. Don’t order needles from Amazon!! Last night, I put in a Curbside Pick-up order from my LYS. I know when I pick-up my item it will be CORRECT. In the future, I’ll just do what I should have done in the first place, SUPPORT MY LOCAL YARN STORE (a small/local/woman owned business). I have no excuse. They are a mile away. Getting the wrong item negates the convenience of not needing to leave the house.


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