Phew, What a Week

This week hasn’t actually BEEN crazy, but it’s FELT crazy! I have had a LOT of errands to run this week, finished knitting up the oven mitt (its been washed 3 times now, still not done), started working on the Beta Version of the Justine Blanket, I’ve spent most of this afternoon in the kitchen (working on something I can share next week).

I also broke my 2 months of no yarn buying this morning- NO REGRETS. I have a few upcoming projects that I don’t have the materials for, and I got it all on sale at WEBS, including a yarn that screamed: TURN ME INTO A SWEATER. The yarn is a fairly large needle recommendation (a 9-11!), sometimes a quick knit calls your name. I finally found a chunky weight green yarn in an acrylic blend. It has been eluding me the past couple weeks. Seems everyone wants the same color green I need for one of aforementioned projects!

No pictures, but I got vaccinated on Wednesday! Monday came the statewide official announcement that COVID vaccines are available to all 18+. I signed up (Monday) via my state’s Mass Vax website, and was contacted the next day (Tuesday) to set up an appointment. I took the first available shot and time slot. The Johnson&Johnson 1-shot, the next day (Wednesday).
All the correspondence indicated that this was a drive-up site. It wasn’t. The signage was TERRIBLE, and then I got anxious and annoyed that I was going to be late because I had NO clue where I was going. I was fine, timewise.
Once I figured out where I was supposed to go, it was fine. No wait, I just kept moving through all the queues. All the RNs and healthcare professionals were FANTASTIC and personable , the nurse that administered my shot placed it just right (so I didn’t bleed like with my flu shot). The National Guard made sure everyone was guided to the right lines, had all their information, and were overall very helpful at the clinic.
I brought my crochet which was great for my 15min post-shot time. The crochet also helped me avoid any real discomfort at the injection site. My last tetanus shot was more painful than the COVID shot. I had mild side affects about 24 hours after my shot I was really disoriented, for about 2 hours. Then as suddenly as it started, it was GONE. I spent most of that time sitting on my back porch kinda crocheting, kinda zoning out and trying to keep getting up and doing stuff. Normal people would go lay down and take a quick nap. Today I feel fantastic, like a normal person.

Next week, the kids start back with Hybrid Learning. To call them excited is an UNDERSTATEMENT. My daughter is excited to show my son to his classroom on the first day and to see some of her friends and her teacher in the classroom. My son is excited to finally be at school with his teacher (who he has adored virtually) and meet a couple of his peers. I’m excited to get a couple hours in the morning where there could be SILENCE.


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