Little Ways to Support Others

Terri and I at The Knot House February 2020. Brian is in the background!

I talk A LOT about how much I love AT Haynes House Yarns. I love all Terri’s colorways. I love the bases. I love Brian’s Bags, the one I purchased back in Feb 2020 is the knitting bag I use for walks! I love that their whole family is involved with the business in some way. They Haynes’ are good people. I’ve had the opportunity to meet them (Terri and Brian) in person, and I just want to hug them (I’m not a hugger); they are so great. I follow them on Facebook and Instagram and their Newsletter. Right now, we, as fiber lovers, can show we care and HELP. AT Haynes House Yarns is currently having proceeds from the colorways, Fight and Until We Win, go toward funding incidentals toward her sister’s cancer treatment journey. Please consider buying one (or both) colorway(s) to help great people.

I purchased the Merino/Cashmere/Nylon fingering blend, one in each colorway. I already know I love the Fight colorway, I made a sweater from it paired with “But You Would Looks So Cute”. See, I MUST love the colorway: I’ve purchased it in a different base! The current version of Fight I think is a little different than the version I purchased back in October of 2019

Philanthropic Youth

My daughter’s Girl Scout troop is working on a Philanthropy Badge. Last night, they had a speaker from Federated Charities. They talked about some way charities can help others, and how local charitable organizations can network together to provide the greatest impact to the most people. They also talked about why being empathetic and charitable was important to being a good citizen. This may be one of the most important badges the girls are working on this year.

As a family, we do passive charitable giving. Donation of items to Goodwill and the Salvation Army, clothing to the Frederick Rescue Mission, small cash donations or non-perishable items to the YMCA and local food pantries. I’ve also donated made cold weather items to various drives over the years. We don’t do these things because it makes us feel superior or great; no: we do these things because they are easy to accomplish. Our non-financial giving simply frees up space. The financial contributions are convenient. We

The girls will be brainstorming ideas on how to help for their next meeting. And my assumption is they will come up with a little project to do. My daughter has IDEAS, but she’s a kid so I helped her focus her idea to represent a SMART goal (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely). We figured out the specific, attainable and relevant. Partially because figuring out measurable and timely will be dictated by the scope of the project. I also mentioned that partnering with an organization to help them with a small part of their goal may help more people than if you built something from the ground up for a project.

Although, we are still working on the fundamental ideological difference between charity and giving something we don’t use to someone we know.


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