Get the Mail!

It’s Stuff I actually WANT.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how my favorite dyer (AT Haynes House Yarns) was using the proceeds of their colorways Fight and Until We Win to help offset costs associated with her sister’s cancer treatment. After an very short wait and SUPER SHORT SHIPPING TIME, my pretties have arrived!

Fight and Until We Win

I’m already thinking about the beautiful and EPIC shawl I’m going to create with these two yarns. There are some similar crossover colors, so they’ll coordinate nicely. I have 435 yards of each colorway, both in the MCN (merino, cashmere, nylon) base. I’m leaning toward a parallelogram shape. I have so many triangular shawls that I want something slightly different.

My other special delivery were the sandals I ordered last week! I’m in a wedding next weekend, and needed a new pair of dress sandals. I have a nice pair from Seyschelles (like these), but they make my feet ACHE SO BAD anymore (my feet are so difficult and temperamental these days). So I purchased a sensible dress sandal from the Birkenstock Papillio line, these. DSW usually has pretty good shipping turn around, so I ordered from them instead of direct from Birkenstock (same price); plus I get rewards points from DSW. They got shuffled about by FED-EX for about a week (making me feel pensive about getting them in time). I was SOOO excited to get them out of the box and onto my feet today.

AND I STILL NEED TO DRIVE OVER TO THE MALL BECAUSE THEY FORGOT TO REMOVE THE INVENTORY CONTROL TAG FROM MY PURCHASE. The mall is only 10 minutes away, so its not really that much of a hassle; its the principal of the whole thing. They don’t pinch or rub or make my toes go numb. Other to-do items for the week: pedicure.


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