Wait. How is TOMORROW July?

Oh June, a month that simultaneously took an eternity and flew by. I’ve been working on some larger scale projects, and not blogging. So there’s that. After school let out 2 weeks ago, we’ve been doing swim lessons at the local college, had a handful of playdates, and just let it be hot. This afternoon, we met one of my daughter’s friends at the public pool. An hour and a half after we arrived, someone pooed in the pool and they closed the pool for the rest of the day. “Awesome”. At least no one got sunburned today.

Our first Zinnia from last week. We have a dozen more this week.

My hobbit door throw and my Until We Win: Fight shawl have been my main projects. I’m doing some weird stuff with the hobbit door throw, and I think it’ll work out. My shawl is making me nervous that I have grossly misjudged my shaping and that it will be a failure. BUT: there is no failure, only an opportunity to shape it unconventionally!

The door of the house at Bag End.

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