Too Much Excitement

Can you detect the sarcasm?!?!?!

Sweet, sweet homeownership

Its been an exciting, interesting, and expensive month here at Miscellaneous Design Studio homebase. Back in June, our washer broke. It was old, and we had repaired it a couple times already. So we replaced the washer and dryer both. While the dryer worked, my spouse had literally replaced everything “under the hood” over the years and just wanted to be done with it. When we finally get around to making the laundry room “pretty” we are going to stack the units. In the meantime (until we get the dryer outlet relocated), they will remain unstacked.

BUT yesterday…. Oh yesterday. I’ll tell it as a story.
I was at the dining room table, with my daughter. We were watching a drawing video on YouTube, and making our own renditions of the featured drawing (a watermelon). All of a sudden, we heard a RUSH and a CRASH come from upstairs. My spouse and son were out getting haircuts, we currently have no pets, so the concern about injury was nil. I go upstairs and see:

Yup. Its exactly what you think.

Yes, the ENTIRE 12′ expanse of my closet is DOWN. I go back downstairs and finish my drawing. Once we finish drawing, I go upstairs and start taking everything out of the closet. CRIPES. WHAT A MESS.

When we are taking out the old hardware, we make a FUN discovery. NONE OF THE SCREWS WERE ACTUALLY ANCHORED *INTO* THE STUDS. They used drywall anchors, and short 1″ screws to affix everything into the walls. I’m surprised it took so long for the whole thing to fall down. It was that shoddily done.

Now… Everything is ripped out. We fixed all the drywall, we are going to paint and rebuild an appropriately supported closet.

This excitement has been a real impediment to doing ACTUAL fun things, as this is our current project here at the house.


4 responses to “Too Much Excitement”

  1. The Money Pit is one of my favourite movies, I always laugh so hard when he gets trapped in the hole in the carpet. However, living in a house that is bringing up memories of that movie must be frustrating and thank goodness everyone was well away. Just remember how lovely the Money Pit house was after all the work was done.

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    • It’s always something! I often wonder what insanity drove some of the construction decisions. I love our house, but someone’s I think I need to see the blueprints so I can locate some of the studs in the walls!

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    • LOL, nor is it inexpensive! At least my closet is almost organized. I ordered a couple shoe racks and some shelf dividers to finish up- they should be here today! I’m so fortunate my spouse can do so many small repair jobs- saves us SO MUCH MONEY.
      Now to finish dusting every surface in my bedroom and take a pile of items to the thrift store!


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