Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: Hemming

I’ve had the same heavy velvet curtains in my bedroom since we moved in (so like 9 years). And this WHOLE time, they’ve been too long. At first, I let them pool at the floor. This was sloppy looking and collected all the dust. Then a few years ago (2018-ish) I decided I was going to hem them, but my sewing machine couldn’t manage that fabric. So I just safety pinned them to the length I wanted them. And time passed.

Ta-da!! I got a new bedside rugs too!!

I got a machine that could handle the curtains for Christmas of 2019, but still I waited. Yesterday I had to take them down to be washed. Once they were dry, I took the 30 minutes to hem all 4 panels. Finally!! They are finished and hung back up.

Good bye, I’ve never liked you.

While the curtains were washing, I took down the awful slat blinds that were up when we bought the house. I’ve always hated them. They are heavy and ugly and essentially non-functional for blocking the sun. There was also a half inch of dust INSIDE the header- GROSSSSSS. I’m replacing them with cellular blinds later this week. We have them in 3 other rooms and love them.

The closet falling in and needing to be revamped has really pushed me to change things around in our bedroom. A refresh was needed! New rugs, a new comforter (for fall/winter), getting rid of a bunch of stuff from the closet (and I’m not done even if everything has been put back), new blinds, hemming the curtains. I might even make some modifications to the tiny en suite bathroom (namely a new wall cabinet and a new rug).

This morning, my town hosted its annual running festival. The course runs right by my house. So I got to enjoy watching from my back deck. The view is obscured by trees and bushes, and I’m also about 150-200 feet away. The picture above is zoomed in a lot. It’s an overcast morning, we had rain over night so it’s humid but still temperate. I’m out enjoying the birds singing about 2 hours past the usual window. A good way to pass a lazy Sunday morning!


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