Playback: Funkadelic

Cover of Maggot Brain by Funkadelic. Released July 1971

Funkadelic’s third album was a psychedelic blast of freewheeling protest music. As the LP turns 50, we look back at the music that fueled it — and that was inspired by it.
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Nothing makes me want to dance like Flashlight by George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars (or by Parliament Funkadelic depending on which release you are listening to). When I was in college, my boss at the college bookstore would play Funk on Friday. Sometimes we listened to his funk collection, sometimes the Funk Friday show on one of the local NPR stations.

The NY Times piece on the album explores every song on the album. It was great to listen to each song on the album and hear the songs that it influenced or that were influential to it in the music. I was familiar with most of the associated music; but not always the exact song. A fun wormhole for another afternoon, for certain!


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