So exciting!!

We have wrapped up back to school week in our house! The kids seem to have enjoyed going back to school and seeing their friends (in person). This week my spouse also had a work trip (lucky him!!), so I found myself feeling a little more stressed by this than usual. Don’t worry, we survived. And everyone ate fresh fruits and veggies everyday, because fresh food is good for you.

A bunch of dknitting projects.

This past week also gave me a major case of start-itus. I cast-on a second Until We Win: Fight and a pair of toe-up socks from the inexpensive yarn I purchased from Darn Good Yarn. So far, the stripes are SUPER even, the yarn is nice to work with and looks plump on a size 2/2.75mm needle. I’m at 64 stitches, and will be transferring for magic loop on the next round- once I pick out a texture/pattern stitch for the top of the foot. The top left is my PlumBody to Love super seamless, short-sleeved, slightly (or very or not) cropped sweater. The bottom right is a top-down, funnel-necked sweater/vest out of a bunch of languishing handspun. I’m thinking about doing something “weird” with the sleeves. NO RULES!!

I also made a crochet water bottle holder for my son’s bestie (upon request). Next week will definitely bring another Shoddy Seamstress Adventure! Spoiler: it’ll be mostly masks.

This week may have brought a lot of starts and not much progress on anything, but I was still a bit busy. Wednesday we were gone most of the afternoon. Thursday, with both kids at the school, I did a LOT of stuff around the house. Friday was a mix, I cut out more masks, did stuff around the house, but also went on a walk with the littlest (he only had one day this first week, a full week starting next week).

Tomorrow will be my YOP year 2 start! Excited to share that with all of you.


5 responses to “Poly-Projects”

  1. Busy week! Is the fall startitis contagious? I’ve got it too – and seems like so many of my fellow knitters have it as well. You’ve got a bunch of gorgeous projects on the go. Glad back to school week went okay for you and the kiddos. Except to hear about your next YOP plans. 🙂


    • It was so good, and SO HUGE that I couldn’t finish it. I absolutely made sure I finished the fish!
      I should be able to finish one of those projects this coming week, and possibly 2 more by the end of the month!

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