Farewell to Summer. Just Kidding.

Very Voluntary

The end of summer is here. Days are getting noticeably shorter and the weather has a chill edge to it. Which begs the question, why am I showing you a tomato seedling?

Because no one told this tomato summer was over.

You see, I planted tomato seeds back in late-April/early-May. They got about an inch or so high then died en mass. I rolled my eyes at the distinctly barren hanging basket all summer. Fast forward to mid-August when I plopped some green onion bulb scraps into the empty planter basket. Shortly thereafter, I noticed a “friend” growing beside them. You guessed it, tomato seeds that took 4 months to germinate.

Better late than never??

So here we are, in actual fall. About 6 weeks out from the usual first hard frost (mid-November generally). Will my little budding tomatoes have time to fruit?? I counted, I have 2 clusters currently. Eight potential tiny tomatoes.

No fear, I’ll keep you posted on what becomes of my frustratingly late tomatoes.


11 responses to “Farewell to Summer. Just Kidding.”

    • I have such rubbish luck with tomatoes- it would be the largest tomato harvest I’d had in years if it produced even a single fruit! The past three summers have been tomato failures.


    • Our temperature range is still between 50 and 80 F (10-26 C), I’ll start thinking about bringing the plant inside once it starts to cool off more. But thank you, I have had very little success with tomatoes (ever) and this information will be helpful if my buds actually fruit.

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    • My planter basket was born out of not wanting to go buy a fiber liner. AND it was a stash busting project! I just used a bunch of odds and ends; it has held up moderately well. The cotton at the top is muddy and bleached, but it still holds dirt.


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