That’s a Wrap: 2021


Ah. The eve of the New Year has finally arrived. I don’t really care about leaving the old year behind, but I am excited for new calendar pages. Yes, I’m the person who gets excited about new calendars and new office supplies.

As with every year, I started with the best possible intents. I was doing the Sigma 21 challenge with the Stash Down group on Ravelry, which I did NOT really follow through with or interact with after the first couple months. AND doing the YOP (year of projects) challenge with the Ravelry group of the same name.

Regardless of self-imposed challenges, I did A LOT of crafting, creating, and being alive.


  • complete more than 11 accessories
  • knit 5 pairs of socks
  • sew 4 pairs of PJ pants
  • use 100 balls of stash yarn
  • completed OVER 50 projects knit/crochet
  • use up some stash fabric
  • I sewed “more”
  • crocheted 6 blankets (baby/throw sized)
  • finished 4 sweaters (goal was 6)

Areas for improvement, that I set goals for

  • lose the early COVID pandemic weight. At least I didn’t gain more.
  • release 9 patterns. I released 5. I have 12 STILL pending.
  • finish old WIPs, I made no headway
  • did not average 10 blog posts/month
  • I purchased A LOT of new fabric, that I haven’t used.
  • getting out of my own head to release patterns.
  • a bunch of other stuff that I don’t feel is important enough to dredge up to complete a list.


I’ve drafted no plans. In fact, I haven’t really started seriously thinking about it until this morning. Tomorrow is really the first day of next year. Yikes? I better get my paper calendar set up!!

Ad Hoc Plans for 2022

  • average 10 blog posts/month
  • release more patterns than in 2021
  • know my worth. then add tax.
  • get back to MOVING my body MORE. I am happy when I move A LOT.
  • use (knit/crochet) 200 balls of yarn. stash or new acquisitions.
  • get all my fabric into ONE bin: currently 3: “goal bin”, other bin, HUGE bag.
  • try for 2 months of cold sheep (which I was able to accomplish in 2021)
  • complete 50 or more yarn projects.
  • DM a Dungeons & Dragons session
  • cross things off my LISTS.
  • replace too small masks for kids, worn masks/elastics for adults
  • sew things that aren’t masks.
  • add physical THINGS to my Etsy
  • eat more vegetarian meals
  • buy a new couch for the living room

So, goals: yes. Resolutions: no. 2022’s Word: alleviate (stuff, anxiety, self-doubt)

I wish all of you a safe, happy, healthy new year.


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