A Year of Projects: Week 32

Canned excitement.

Its Sunday again! I took some pictures. But it seems every time I go to sit down and type, an emergency occurs! I’m being hyperbolic of course, but I don’t feel like this week has been my most productive.

I haven’t worked on my crochet top since last week. Its been SOOOOO cold again, and I haven’t been motivated to work on it. It needs some short sleeves, less than two hours of commitment. Maybe another week. I’m having project commitment issues right now.

Old yarn, new socks.

I started knitting a pair of socks out of yarn I made convertible mittens out of back in early 2004. I only remember because my friend was giving her master’s thesis defense: and I brought these to work on. Funny how memory works. The yarn is old Lion Brand sock yarn, and I don’t remember the colorway. I’m sure the ballband is LONG gone. I have almost 80 grams (if I remember correctly from weighing a few weeks ago). I’m guessing I have enough for shorty socks.

TAAT, toe up with Aggie’s simple cast-on (my favorite!!!), magic loop, size 2 hiya hiya sharps, 60 stitches, VERY VANILLA. I’ll see how the yarn situation looks closer to the heel: peasant (afterthought with a guide row and no scissors) or fleegle or short row are all still on the table. No preference for how high they go, just looking to exhaust the yarn.

I purchased these four skeins this fall at the Frederick Fiber fest, a small local event. I had plans for a sweater, but now I’m leaning toward a big blankety shawl. I have visions of a large mitered square with some acute triangle flankings making a shape somewhat reminiscent of a Flying V guitar. But wide instead of narrow. Here is what they looked like as hanks.

The absolute highlight of my week?? Getting my Mystery Box from Chestnut Hills Farm and Fiber!! I put up pictures of my unboxing on Instagram, I’m in love!! The yarn is so pretty and all the extras made my day. While I’m still trying to keep my stash under control, I will be getting another in the future! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who is still waiting for their box. For those of you who don’t use Instagram, I’ll make a separate post.

I guess that has been my week. I have new projects to start. Old projects to finalize, and inspiration to capture. Adieu!


12 responses to “A Year of Projects: Week 32”

  1. Love the Peablossom yarn!! Don’t tempt me with the mystery box!!! I’m trying so hard not to sign up for yarn boxes since I already have so much stash!! I’m picky about my yarn colors so I’ve been able to avoid monthly clubs so far. But the surprise would be so fun. I’m not as picky about sock yarns.

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    • I try not to do too many boxes! My stash has reached a somewhat reasonable level, so living dangerously wasn’t as big a deal as say 2 years ago when I had yarn stashed in EVERY available nook and cranny!

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