Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: Drawstring Bags and Zippered Pouches

Today I got the iron out to FINALLY add my daughter’s Girl Scout Patches to her sash. And while the iron was ALREADY out, wouldn’t it just be a fine time to go ahead and sew some bags with stash/scraps.


First I made this little pooch pouch! I had initially got the fat quarter for masks, but the print is entirely too large for that. It did however, make a REALLY adorable zippered bag. I used the technique (as I remembered it) from my “perfect zipper pouch”. I sewed the seam a little too close to the zipper ends, so its not quite as good as it could be. But the seams are really good!

Not shown: the white on white mini dot liner.

Since it was still pretty early when I finished up the zipper pouch, I went ahead and made a drawstring project bag with wriststrap. And then, because I didn’t have any cord or laces, I went ahead a made 2 braided drawstrings. It would have, in retrospect, been faster to just make bias tape pulls. But the braids REALLY take it over the top.

I’ve been using interface for my projects to help them look more professional and less floppy. I used fusible fleece for the zipper pouch, and lightweight interface for the drawstring bag. The pouch is a little more rigid than anticipated; I think the featherweight would be perfect. I will buy some and experiment with that in the future.

In true Shoddy Seamstress fashion, I didn’t really measure anything. I squared off the zip pouch with the grid of my cutting mat and a straight edge, but didn’t actually measure. The pouch was all free hand and eyeballing. It didn’t line up perfect, mostly because I forgot what seam allowance I used for the first side. For my purposes, it will be perfect for knitting and walking with a small project.


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