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  • Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: Drawstring Bags and Zippered Pouches

    Today I got the iron out to FINALLY add my daughter’s Girl Scout Patches to her sash. And while the iron was ALREADY out, wouldn’t it just be a fine time to go ahead and sew some bags with stash/scraps. Adorable!! First I made this little pooch pouch! I had initially got the fat quarter […]

  • New Sweater!!

    I’m bracing a bit from yesterday’s tepid mid-50’s to today’s low-40’s temperatures. I had hoped for a few more nice days before the actual arrival of winter. But we can’t always get what we want. This weather is obviously what I NEEDED, because I bound off the sleeves to this sweater last night. I finished […]

  • Cardi Starti

    I’ve named my deep stash cardigan Cardi B. Its a cardigan. And the B plan for this yarn. It’s still a sweater for me with cables. But not the all over cable pull-over of my dreams from a decade ago. I have a feeling it’s too frumpy for the actual Cardi B, but absolutely on […]